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    Movie, play, or book!

    Hi! I recently met this girl named Sandy. She told me that her mother named her after the Sandy from Grease (her mom's favorite play). I was wondering if you or someone you know has been named after a character in a movie, play, or book. I would love to see how many people have been named after a fictional character! I think that is super cool! Feel free to post any other unique stories behind names!
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    I was named after Meggie from the Thornbirds.

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    My dad wasn't named after a character. Instead two actors. He was named after Dean Martin and Gerry lee Lewis and therefore was named Martin Lewis.

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    Apparently my father's middle name, Roderick, was after an actor from my grandmother's favorite soap opera.
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    I know a Lorna, named after the book Lorna Doone. Her mother is from Scotland.

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