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    3 is neutral!

    James Callum (3/5) – I like it in theory, but Callum is just one of those names that comes off as trendy. I ADORE James as a first name, though
    Jack Evander (5/5) – I do like more spunky and fresh middle names with Jack to make it a full package of awesome, but this is great either way
    Oliver Finn (3/5) – Both great names, but very “in”
    Leo Maximilian (2/5) – I’ve been hearing Leo everywhere so it’s lost a lot of it’s spunk for me. Maximilian is one of my least favorite “Max” names; it sounds a bit pretentious
    Finn Michael (2/5) – Very plain. Would love something more interesting with both names
    Samuel Reid (5/5)
    Rory Jameson (4/5)
    Gavin Henry (1/5) – The whole name evokes a very stereotypical nerd image
    Holden Thomas (4/5)
    Jonah Everett (3/5) – Jonas Everett is STUNNING
    Archer Jude (3/5) – Again, it’s good in theory, but I literally feel like I’ve seen this EXACT combination (Plus Asher Jude, etc.) so many times on here
    Emmett Arthur (4/5)

    Alice Emmeline (3/5)
    Amelie Josephine (4.5) – Amelia Josephine is just a step up
    Annabel Jane (2/5) – Very plain. The gorgeous Annabel has lost a lot of it’s spunk
    Charlotte India (1/5) – I don’t like India with Charlotte at all.
    Cora Evangeline (4/5)
    Elizabeth Josephine (2/5)
    Eliza Josephine (3/5)
    Eloise Sophia (2/5) – Really bad flow to my ears
    Emmeline Pearl (4/5)
    Evangeline Maria (2/5) – Very clunky
    Eva Marie (3/5) – Plain
    Gemma Caroline (1/5)
    Genevieve Alice (2/5) – Flow issues. Alcie Genevieve is stunning!
    Georgiana/Georgia Lark (1/5) – Not feminine at all
    Kate Isabelle (4/5) – I’m not the biggest fan of the flow, but Kate is flawless
    Lucy Emmeline (3/5)
    Ruby Josephine (3/5)
    Violet Honora (3/5)

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