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    Have at my name list

    Lately I've been in kind of a naming rut. My list hasn't changed in forever and I'm feeling a little uninspired. So if any of you are bored please rip apart my name list. Give your opinions on each name, be brutally honest, and suggest some more interesting names that I might want to add to it. And if any of you want to post your list and do the same feel free. TIA

    I have a lot more girls names than boys names, sorry if that bothers anyone. I'm just picky about boys names.

    James Callum
    Jack Evander
    Oliver Finn
    Leo Maximilian
    Finn Michael
    Samuel Reid
    Rory Jameson
    Gavin Henry
    Holden Thomas
    Jonah Everett
    Archer Jude
    Emmett Arthur

    Alice Emmeline
    Amelie Josephine
    Annabel Jane
    Charlotte India
    Cora Evangeline
    Elizabeth/Eliza Josephine
    Eloise Sophia
    Emmeline Pearl
    Evangeline/Eva Marie
    Gemma Caroline
    Genevieve Alice
    Georgiana/Georgia Lark
    Kate Isabelle
    Lucy Emmeline
    Ruby Josephine
    Violet Honora
    Violet Gray
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    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    Wow now that's a list of names! I will give you my top picks and bottom picks of both

    Top boys-
    Holden Thomas
    Jonah Everett

    Like the least for boys
    Archer Jude
    Finn Michael (only because Finn is becoming very popular)

    Like best for girls-
    Annabel Jane
    Alice Emmeline

    Like least for girls-
    Actually sorry I don't really dislike any of the girls names! I guess what I liked the least was the middle name India but I love the name Charlotte

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    I like a lot of your names! And I know what you feels like it's been a million years since I saw a name that really caught my eye.

    James Callum -- Very solid name. James is such a good name. Callum is not my taste, but I understand the appeal and it flows well with James.
    Jack Evander -- Jack: Love. Evander: Holyfield. For me, some names have too strong an association with another person for me to feel like my kid would ever be able to fully own it. That said, you do have it in the middle name spot, so not really problematic.
    Oliver Finn -- Love! Sweet and adorable.
    Leo Maximilian -- Not a fan. It's a bit pretentious for me. Sounds like you're reaching.
    Finn Michael -- Love the name Finn. Michael's a little vanilla, but the flow works well. And Finn is so great!
    Samuel Reid -- Love the name Reid. Not dying over Samuel, but it's a solid name.
    Rory Jameson -- Don't like Rory. I go straight to Rory Gilmore, and it's just got such a way-too-goody-two-shoes vibe for me. Can't like it.
    Gavin Henry -- If I didn't associate Gavin with country, I would love this name. It's a good name, pleasing sound, totally great. I just don't enjoy Gavin for personal reasons.
    Holden Thomas -- Holden Caulfield. Meh.
    Jonah Everett -- I can take it or leave it. I would like it a lot if I liked the person wearing it a lot, I think.
    Archer Jude -- The 'ch' and the 'j' are too similar for me, I don't like the flow. But I like Archer quite a lot on it's own.
    Emmett Arthur -- Two excellent names that flow beautifully together! I have no criticisms.

    Alice Emmeline -- Doesn't set my heart a-pitter-pattering, but it's a very sweet, solidly classic name.
    Amelie Josephine -- Don't love Amelie, but if I did, I would adore it next to Josephine. Great flow. Great.
    Annabel Jane -- Great flow. Annabel's a bit sweet for me, but it's a good name and the two are great together.
    Charlotte India -- Ooh! I love this. I can't put my finger on why, but there is something about it. So good! I love it.
    Cora Evangeline -- Evangeline is a bit dramatic for me, but it's pretty next to Cora, and I have been adoring the name Cora of late. Cora Evangeline. It's actually quite a nice balance of simple and romantic.
    Elizabeth/Eliza Josephine -- I used to hate Elizabeth (it's my own first name), but I am growing to like it. And I like it a lot next to Josephine. Josephine! What an excellent middle name choice.
    Eloise Sophia -- At the Plaza.
    Emmeline Pearl -- Emmeline, not my taste, but I do like it paired with Pearl.
    Evangeline/Eva Marie -- Evangeline is super not my taste for a first name, but it is very nice with Marie. You have a knack for the rhythm of name pairings.
    Gemma Caroline -- Shut the front door, I love it. Literally get out of town. This name is great. I love it. It's feminine, but it's clean and simple. Gemma's a bit more adventurous without being tasteless, and Caroline is perfectly classy and ugh. I just am such a fan of this name.
    Genevieve Alice -- Genevieve is too flowery for me. And of course I'm going to say it still flows perfectly.
    Georgiana/Georgia Lark -- Somehow Georgiana isn't (too flowery). I think Jane Austen's usage of it has shielded it from my disapproval. I in fact love the name and think it is lovely next to Lark. Georgia, I can take or leave. I love the nickname Georgie though.
    Kate Isabelle -- I like the vibe of the name a lot, but it doesn't blow me out of the water. If I met a Kate Isabelle, I would think it a very proper name and I would think her parents very proper people, but it doesn't quite send me into raptures like Gemma Caroline.
    Lucy Emmeline -- Very cute. Bordering on saccharine for me.
    Ruby Josephine -- I prefer Pearl to Ruby. I don't know if Ruby's actually trendy, but it feels trendy to me.
    Violet Honora -- Hmm. Violet doesn't strike my fancy, but it is so lovely with Honora. Quite the knack!

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    This is a wonderful list of names!!

    As a side note, @lizgingermitch, I LOVE reading your commentary on names! Every time I see a post of yours, it makes me want to post some names that I like just to see what you think of them.

    James Callum -- I love James -- so classic and handsome! Callum is a nice name, but there is a little too much "m" in the combo.
    Jack Evander -- Really cool pairing of simple, casual, & friendly with handsome and mysterious. I love it! Evander is a wonderful name, but it is not a name that every boy can pull off. With this combo, Jack would have a great, versatile name as a first but could also choose to use Evander if it suits him.
    Oliver Finn -- This combo sounds intellectual and a little quirky. I think I would love a little boy named Oliver Finn.
    Leo Maximilian -- I am not a fan of either of these names. I'm not sure why I don't prefer Leo and Maximilian is just too complicated and aristocratic sounding for me.
    Finn Michael -- I prefer Finn as a middle name (especially with Oliver! ) and Michael feels uninspired.
    Samuel Reid -- Handsome and simple. Love.
    Rory Jameson -- I like both of these names, but for some reason this is hard to say.
    Gavin Henry -- I like it better as Henry Gavin.
    Holden Thomas -- I understand the appeal of Holden, but it just sounds like "holding" to me. Overall though, this is a nice combo. Samuel Reid and Holden Thomas -- pretty perfect!
    Jonah Everett -- I can't pinpoint why, but these don't seem quite right together.
    Archer Jude -- Too much of the same/similar sounds.
    Emmett Arthur -- I think Emmett needs something a little less formal in the middle. Emmett Finn, maybe?

    Alice Emmeline -- This is sweet, but almost too sweet. Alice Josephine, maybe?
    Amelie Josephine -- This is pretty!
    Annabel Jane -- Both are great names, but they seem a little plain together. Annabel Sophie? Lucy Jane? Eloise Jane?
    Charlotte India -- I don't love India as a name, but this combo is pretty perfect!
    Cora Evangeline -- Beautiful, streamlined, & simple
    Elizabeth/Eliza Josephine -- Elizabeth Josephine sounds too old-fashioned and formal and Eliza Josephine doesn't flow right. Both names need something fun/unusual with them. For instance, Elizabeth Jo or Kate Josephine.
    Eloise Sophia -- Pretty names, but the s's flow together and it sounds a little too princessy.
    Emmeline Pearl -- Wow. So very sweet.
    Evangeline/Eva Marie -- Very simple and pretty.
    Gemma Caroline -- This combo just makes me happy! It is so cheerful and sweet.
    Genevieve Alice -- Pretty
    Georgiana/Georgia Lark -- Georgia is such a rich, lush name and I love it with Lark! Georgiana could really grow on me as well.
    Kate Isabelle -- I know both of these names are popular/well-known which is usually not my thing, but they are also so timeless and pretty!
    Lucy Emmeline -- Wow, I really like this! I picture a girl with this name as being precocious and fun.
    Ruby Josephine -- This is a good combo! Ruby makes Josephine fun and fresh.
    Violet Honora -- This combo sounds very reserved and shy, especially in comparison to your other options. Very beautiful though!

    I hope that helps!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    James Callum- I like it. Strong name. Have you tried Calix?
    Jack Evander- I really like this. The names sound greAt together and it just sparks something for me. Names I like that are similar to Evander- Anders and Oleander
    Oliver Finn- it's a good, solid name. A little hard to say in my opinion, with the ffff so close after the vvvv, but not too bad.
    Leo Maximilian- sounds uppity. I do like Leo and I like Max just fine.
    Finn Michael- the flow is off, but I like it. People are too often putting one syllable names in the middle. It sounds really distinct the way you've got this arranged, but not bad at all.
    Samuel Reid- not a fan of either names. A little plain in my opinion.
    Rory Jameson- ditto Samuel Reid, although more unique
    Gavin Henry- have bad associations with the name Gavin, but it's alright. The flow isn't great to me. I would change up the number of syllables in one if the names. Ex: Gabriel Henry
    Holden Thomas- this is really nice and gentlemanly. I like it- has a great vibe, if you know what I mean
    Jonah Everett- not a fan of either name
    Archer Jude- I like Archer, not so much Jude, but aside from that this name just doesn't sound wonderful.
    Emmett Arthur- nms

    Alice Emmeline- I like it. Classic, sweet and dignified all At the same time.
    Amelie Josephine- love Amelie in the front, not so sold on Josephine as the middle. They have such different feels.
    Annabel Jane- plain to my ears
    Charlotte India- pretty, not usually a fan of Charlotte, but this name just works
    Cora Evangeline- I love Cora, it has just started feeling incomplete to me; as though it should be Coral, Coralie or Coraline.
    Elizabeth/Eliza Josephine- I prefer Eliza. Very spunky name.
    Eloise Sophia- I love this. It's fun, cute and refined.
    Emmeline Pearl- alright.
    Evangeline/Eva Marie- Evangeline makes this sound like a full name. Eva Marie sounds like a double barrel first name
    Gemma Caroline- alright, the flow is strange
    Genevieve Alice- ooh nice.
    Georgiana/Georgia Lark- like Lark
    Kate Isabelle- would prefer Kate Isobel, but still nice. Again I like the shorter name in front.
    Lucy Emmeline- have recently been crushing hugely on Lucy and this name is really nice.
    Ruby Josephine- I adore Ruby, but would pair it with something...less...than Josephine. Something that makes it pop. Josephine kind of downplays Ruby's sweet spunky ness.
    Violet Honora- sweet and innocent.
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