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    Oh wow. Patrick is top of our boys name list and Blythe is right up there for girls. We also already have a fur baby named Remy. So yes, good list IMO!

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    Remy - Cute. This has been growing on me lately. Maybe it's because of Gambit from the XMen universe, but I would love to meet a Remy. It's sounds like a name for a guy who is cool and laidback.

    Avery - YAYYYYY! I absolutely adore Avery for a boy. Such a handsome and strong name.

    Finn - I love Finn. Had it on my list for awhile, but I personally find its getting a bit popular (which isn't terrible or anything). Although I still love it, I personally have moved on to other names I love more.

    Breccan - Eh. Don't really like it. I think would easily be mistaken for Breckin. So I can your child constantly having to spell the name. Plus, it sounds like "wrecking" which doesn't seem positive to me.

    Henley - It's all right. Makes me think of the shirt.

    Bennett - Like this. Nice alternative to popular Benjamin. Also nice alternative to Benedict (in case you're worried about the Cumberbatch/Arnold associations)

    Patrick - Love this. Currently have it on my list as a middle name. It's classic.

    Gretchen - Not my favourite. It's not bad, but personally I just don't think it sounds pleasant.

    Bristol - A little bit too "Palin" for me.

    Romina - Its not bad. But like Gretchen, just doesn't personally sound pleasant.

    Blythe - Love this one. So gorgeous.

    Zetta - Seems more like a nickname than an actual name.

    Bryn - I like this one. I'm not crazy about it, but I don't hate it.

    Terra - I think when most people hear it they will assume its spelled "Tara". It's ok, but not my style.

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    Remy: Cute as a NN, not as a FN. It sounds more feminine
    Avery: I don't know how I feel about this name. Sometimes I like it, but other times I don't
    Finn: I really like this name; it's very usable
    Breccan: Sounds kind of futuristic. Not a fan, I could see it in a novel rather than on an actual person
    Henley: I think I've met someone with this name. It seems like a good name on an older man.
    Bennett: I think this is a cute name.
    Patrick: Most Patrick's I've met haven't been the greatest of guys, but I do like this name.

    Gretchen: This is the best female name on your list.
    Bristol: Reminds me of Bristol Palin and that could be a bad connection to some people. I like the sound of it.
    Romina: A girl with this name would stand out in a crowd, I like it
    Blythe: I feel like this is better as a MN, it's cute though
    Zetta: Sounds like a very strong name, another futuristic sounding one as well.
    Bryn: I had a teacher who named her daughter this. It fit her so well, definitely usable.
    Terra: I don't like this spelling of Terra. I tend to like names without unique spellings.

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    Remy- I think it sounds cute but it also sounds like a nickname for something longer like Remington and it sounds kinda old to.
    Avery- This sounds more like a girl name in my opinion and I don't really like it on boys.
    Finn- I absolutely love and adore this name and it is on my boys list! I think it's super cute and sounds really adorable! This name is a definite yes for me.
    Breccan- This name sounds kind of weird. It also sounds like a vegetable (broccoli, brussel sprout..etc.). I just don't really like it.
    Henley- I like this name and think it's cute but I also agree with geeknamezyo that this name is a little bit on the feminine side.
    Bennett- It's a good name. Bennett is used kind of a lot so I would choose something more new and appealing. Patrick- Patrick is very overused and I recommend something more new and unique but I do like this name.
    Gretchen- This name is classic and cute and unique and I like it.
    Bristol- Eh, sounds like bristle or something you would find around your house and I don't like it.
    Romina- Sounds kinda cute but a bit to uptight and formal for me.
    Blythe- This name is pretty and I like it.
    Zetta- I don't like it.
    Bryn- I like it better spelled like Brynn but it sounds gorgeous either way!
    Terra- I don't particularly like it but I think it's an ok name.
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