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Thread: Jericho nn Rio?

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    Jericho nn Rio?

    Is it a stretch to use Jericho and use the nn rio? I don't like the other nn possibilities ( Jerry or Rick) and we've had three beagles with the name Rico - two puppies from litters and the original sire who was a mischievous turd.
    I have been wanting to name a son rio forever since I feel that a river is a strong earthy force that is forever withstanding and ever changing, but hubby hears a Vegas hotel.
    What do you think? Can I get away with it?
    Side note- my niece is named Conory- and called Rory, which I felt to be a stretch, I don't want the whispers they got when they announced her name - she's also never once been called Conory. I intend to call him Jericho and rio often, it's mainly to avoid others giving him a Jerry nn.
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    Nothing wrong with stretching, good for the muscles.

    I think it works :P

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    The Jericho I know went by Jake. I liked that pretty well. He never got Jerry, which I wouldn't want either.

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