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    Need first name for Leona McGee

    We're having a girl in Dec. Brother is Ryder. Leona was my favorite grandmother's middle name! I would like to honor her! We liked Emery. ANy ideas?

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    What about Helena (HEH-luh-nuh), nicknamed Lena, or Leone? Other choices with the meaning 'lion'/'lioness' could be Aria, Ariel, Leandra or Leya, but Léonie would be my favourite. Ryder and Aria sound perfect together! Good luck.

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    Emery is nice but notice that both Emery and McGee end in a long "e" sound. I think Emery McGee sounds a little repetitive and odd together. But that's just me.

    What about?
    Arden Leona McGee
    Jade Leona McGee
    Blair Leona McGee
    Annika Leona McGee
    Rowan Leona McGee
    Alexis Leona McGee
    Harper Leona McGee
    Addison Leona McGee
    Paige Leona McGee
    Brooke Leona McGee
    Adair Leona McGee
    Violet Leona McGee
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