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    What do you think?

    Any opinions on the below? Expecting a second little one at the beginning of 2014, our first is Stanley...

    Ivy Isabella
    Bessie Evelyn
    Edie Florence
    Peggy Florence

    Ted William
    Ted Walter

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    Love Ivy and Ted!

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    Edie Florence and Ted Walter would be my preferences, but Ted William is sweet as well. Sorry, stupid question, but have you considered Elizabeth Evelyn (nn Bessie) or Margaret Florence (nn Peggy)? Just because I think the flow is nicer with the longer forms of the names, and there are also more nickname options if she ever wanted to go by something else. Good luck!

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    Ivy Isabella - I love Ivy, but I'm not a fan of the double "I". It doesn't sound that weird but it looks weird to me. What about Ivy Arabella?
    Bessie Evelyn - I'm sorry but Bessie makes me think of a cow. I think it could grow on me if it were a nickname for Elisabeth.
    Edie Florence - I think Edie is a cute nickname. I feel really strongly about giving children full names and then just going by a nickname. Edith Florence and Eden Florence sound great too.
    Peggy Florence - I really don't like this one. Peggy sounds to much like "Piggy" for my liking. I think it might be a little too old fashioned for a nickname as well.

    Ted William - I prefer this one out of the two. I really like Ted as a nickname for Theodore. Theodore and Stanley make an awesome pair of brothers. Ted looks incomplete on its own compared to Stanley.
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    I think Ivy Isabella has some charm to it and Ted William is so classic. The other girl names are nice, but I prefer the the fuller versions with each nickname.
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