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    I need a good name for my main character :)!

    Hi everyone ,

    I am writing a story and I am having trouble picking the right name.
    The story is about a very strong friendship between two girls.
    One of them (character 1) is very sick and is about to die but she is living and enjoying every single day, while the other girl (character 2) is healthy but afraid to live and to enjoy things (she is always worrying about everything and anything). When character 1 dies, she leaves character 2 a kind of assignment. Character 2 has to finish character 1's 'things I want to do before I die list', so she HAS to start living.

    Character 2 is the main character. She is kind of nerdy, plays the cello, loves history and mythology. She is a dreamer and very intelligent. She doesn't like risks. She loves painting, drawing, writing and reading. She is tall, awkward and thin. She has white blonde hair, big blue eyes (an always surprised look) and some freckles. People describe her as a weird perfectionist. What should I name her? Grace? Eden? Allison?

    Character 1 is named Lilian Clarke , nickname Lily.

    Maybe you have some other name suggestions
    Thank you guys so much!

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