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    A Traitor

    I'm looking for a name for a girl who's sort of youngish, ( about ten) who was looked after by a group of traveling actors who were using their acting as a cover to find their lost families who 'mysteriously' disappeared.
    The girl ( after living with the actors for a year) turns them over to the Magister ( the ruler of this particular land) because of the thefts of large amounts of expensive goods, of which the actors supposedly had stolen.
    One of the actors escaped capture ( I need a name for him too), and plans revenge.he's an apprenticed to the actors, so he's fourteenish.

    For the traitor: I was thinking Mia, but it seems a bit short. And I have no idea what to name the escaped actor.

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    Mia seems a bit softspoken for a traitorous young woman, but I don't think the length is necessarily important in this case. A short, saucy name might just do the trick. Similar to Mia, Mina/Mena came to mind. I got the sense this had a little bit of an AU/ fantastical element, so maybe names like Stella, Anya, Misha, Lena, Moira, Kira, Lyra, Mika, Cora, Lina, Elsa, Maia, Rowan, Brigid/Bridget, Tamar, Lisbet, Sadey, Eve, Vivien, Nora, or Mila. You could also use a name with Mia as a nickname, though I hesitate for some of the over-saturated favorites (such as Amelia, Maria, and Marina). I'd choose something like Fiammetta, Milena, Arsemia, Damia, Miriam, Hermia, Artemisia, etc.

    For the escapee, I'm not sure a lot about his personality, but here are some random names I thought of: Frederic, Peder, Alain, Liam, Benedict, Theo, Olivier, Ezra, Gabriel, Hamish, Etienne, Marius, Will, Nico, Raphael, Ari, Laurence, Kai.

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    For the girl, I think the name Fiona is a wonderful name. Nothing said.
    As for the apprentice, Danny, Will, Emerson, Gabe, or Oliver are great names.

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    For the young girl, any of these names would suffice-- Ivy, Grace, Lily, Emmeline, Isabelle, Olivia, Sophia, Alice, Rose, Ella, Ava, Madison, Lucy, Wren, Emily, Hannah, or May. I was thinking more of a common name for her.

    For the traitor-- Angelina, Sophira, Colette, Imogen, Delilah, Natalia, Emelie, Scarlett, Mirabel, Christina, Cressida, Alessia, or Serafina. I was thinking a uncommon pretty name for her.

    For the escapee-- Jacob, William, Benjamin, Drew, Carter, Jackson, Aaron, Noah, Tristan, Jason, or Branden.
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