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    3 characters with similar starting names!

    Hoping I can get some help on this. I am playing around with a few characters and story lines and have come up with these 3 characters. The first two are siblings, originally named Alexandria and Asa (Alexandria would be called Lex most of the time). And then I began looking for a name for a "main character", and Lex and Asa's best friend. And I found the perfect name - Aidric.

    Yes, thats Alexandria, Asa and Aidric. Is it too much A? What if it was Lex, Asa and Aidric? Are Asa and Aidric too similar?

    If yes, I need new names! Asa is a softer quieter boy who enjoys writing and drawing and observing. Aidric is more active and head strong, very protective of his family. Ideas?!?

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    I think Asa should be called Tom, Because It sounds like a complete girls name.

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    Asa sounds like a girls name. Not Tom.

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