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    I don't have anything to add, I just want to say how much I love the suggestion of Morgana Bellicent Aradia
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    Villanelle, Bellicent? I recognize most of the others.

    Is this supposed to go in name games, or is this the real deal? Are we roleplaying? 50 Shades of Faeries? I'm not here that often so color me perplexed

    Barring the two aforementioned names that would be right at home on the next Disney villain, I really like Pandora Louise. Pandora is a very, very cool name.
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    Also, Ottilie, were you close with Greeneyedmom on another name board? You are like two peas in a pod. Your name lists and descriptions are so alike it is uncanny, although her childrens' names weren't quite so impressive as yours.
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    What a fantastic short-list! I'm loving Hespera even more after reading your description-there is so much earthy strength and wisdom in its femininity. She sounds like the kind of girl i'd like to meet. Your description made me think of
    Scheherazade- would that be too much as a middle? Hespera Scheherazade Noor maybe? I'm not very good at combos! I like the idea of Hespera being paired with Roxana/Roksana although i know its not on your current list of middles (sorry!); just throwing this out there- Hespera Yvaine Roxana. Others that i love with Hespera- Isolde, Aurora, Eira (was that on the list? I can't remember)

    Morgana is so wonderful and powerful. I still think about one of the combos that you were considering when you were pregnant with Dita- Morgana Eos Zephyrine. Oh my goodness, its just so amazing! So elemental and magical. It would definitely be in my all time top NB greats! :-) I also love the thought of Morgana with Ondine.
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    Having read through your list I think maybe waiting until baby has been born to name him/her might be a good idea. That way you can wait to see what spirit the baby has (If I remember correctly, Rosalind was pinks and reds, yet her spirit was greeny blue, so you changed her name to Aphrodite) and avoid unnecessary stress and heartache if baby's name doesn't match the spirit.

    Just a thought.

    I like Pandora best, and I would completely avoid Tinuviel. It doesn't look or sound like a name to me! Hespera and Morgana are okay. Good luck!

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