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    While making these, I discovered that I really feel Callisto with Pandora and the image you have. Even though I don’t really like Pandora, I do think it goes wonderfully with Aphrodite. To me, Pandora feels velvety (Even though she’s light and watery to you) and soft like the goddess Aphrodite feels to me. Going away from your imagery, when I connect with the actual goddess during rituals, she’s smooth, soft, gentle and light to me and Pandora has that feel.

    Looking at it, I think most of these have Callisto in there. Callisto is just water and springtime sunlight to me so it fits.

    Pandora Callisto Atalanta
    Pandora Callisto Belphoebe
    Pandora Callisto Chione
    Pandora Callisto Clemency
    Pandora Callisto Eisa
    Pandora Callisto Elaine
    Pandora Eowyn Callisto
    Pandora Callisto Elbereth
    Pandora Callisto Isolde
    Pandora Callisto Loveday
    Pandora Lyra Callisto
    Pandora Callisto Melusine
    Pandora Callisto Niamh
    Pandora Callisto Nimue
    Pandora Olwen Callisto
    Pandora Persephone Noor
    Pandora Callisto Psyche
    Pandora Signe Callisto
    Pandora Callisto Yvaine
    Pandora Clemency Atalanta
    Pandora Daphne Callisto
    Pandora Daphne Idunn
    Pandora Daphne Louise
    Pandora Daphne Loveday
    Pandora Giselle Alcyone
    Pandora Clemency Giselle
    Pandora Iris Giselle
    Pandora Loveday Giselle
    Pandora Lyra Giselle
    Pandora Signe Giselle
    Pandora Iris Elaine
    Pandora Iris Loveday
    Pandora Iris Ondine
    Pandora Iris Ophelia
    Pandora Iris Yvaine -- My Amazon Author Page

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