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    I've been following this post and I love all of it! I love magical, enchanting names that can stand on their own! (I put all of them on my list. ) I get very strong imagery and feelings from names too, but I find it difficult to properly put it into words. Reading your imagery was a real treat! I love all of these names, but my favorites are Pandora, Tinuviel, Gwenllian (I don't usually like Gwen names!), and Hespera. Hespera intrigues me the most, what's it's history? I'm not going to add any suggestions because I'm sure I couldn't top anything that's already been suggested. I'm not great at putting combos together, especially when I don't know how to properly pronounce half of the names! :-P By the way, I'm probably not pronouncing Gwenllian and Tinuviel correctly, how exactly do you say them??? Your children are going to have the most beautiful names!

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    BIG thanks and hugs to everyone. This is amazing and fantastical feedback, you all seriously rock my socks off. Husband is super pleased as he doesn't have to do this with me, and I am as well (insert evil laugh).

    Mia Bella; I rally like Hespera Belphoebe Noor! It's very pretty. From your suggestions I really love Greensleeves, and I've mention it to Husband (I've been oohing over this one at Bewitching myself), but he's said he might consider it for a Yuletide girl. Nausicaa, I'm trying to get him to jump on this ship. The others are either tried on and nixed or just too crazy!!

    Mousehouse; Tinuviel Idunn Selene is beautiful!!! I also really like Morgana Isis Alcyone. Good job!

    AiW; thank you! I really love it too. Gwenllian Alcyone Villanelle is a mix of history, mythology and literature so a good combo I think!

    Tarn; Sunniva's all ice cold sunny winter to me, hoarfrost, deep soft snow, that cold yellow sunshine and icicles, lots of icicles.. I'm half Norwegian, and Sunniva is one of the few saint names related to Norway so it's quite popular with Catholics there.

    Emms; Gwenllian Atalanta is a nice combination, I thought about it, but Alcyone sounds so windy to me that I chose her instead. Hespera Daphne Proserpine is lovely, I like this very much! Pandora and Ophelia too much? I think they're perfection together... they sound so liquid and floating. Pandora Lilith Yvaine is gorgeous, but Yvaine doesn't fit in there for me. Pandora Lilith Elaine would be better, more watery. And Tinuviel Ophelia Clemency is gorgeous. And I like Morgana Belphoebe Ondine.

    Northern; Hespera Ophelia Niamh is super pretty!

    Amydoll; duuude, Gwenllian Alcyone Zephyrine is stunning! Dark haired Merida, who can resists that? I only saw Brave last night so now I'm obsessed... I actually have tried to think of initials, but for some reason they came out in my mother's language. GAVE means gift, POTE means paw. POE for Edgar, and I thought if she marries someone with an m surname, she could be POEM. Mwahahaha! I did think of Hespera Daphne Arden, but as Daphne Hespera Arden was what I almost named Roo, it feels kind of like cheating. And I don't think the whole combo stands up to Aphrodite's name the way I'd like it to. I do like Hespera Belphoebe Tinuviel very much! But I want Morgana to be super witchy! But I like Morgana Giselle Nimue, but it's too much Arthur in that one. Too much you say? I guess there can't be too much... Tiny Nuvi and Giselle isn't a bad idea. I really love Tinuviel Circe Giselle, it's flipping cute! And I like Pandora Iris Tinuviel too, super pretty. But Iris doesn't feel watery to me. I need water names!!!!! My first idea was Pandora Ophelia Melusine... !

    Sarah; wohooo, you added Hespera! How fantastic! And you like Bat for Lashes, yay!

    Pistachio; I like Morgana with Aphrodite as well. Morgana Idonea Zephyrine is gorgeous, and I like Tinuviel Proserpina Noor too.

    Sorceressie; I like Hespera Belphoebe Giselle, Morgana Eos Belphoebe (I’ve toyed with this one myself) very much.

    Olympia; Hespera Iris Zephyrine and Gwenllian Eimyrja Noor are beautiful!

    Talia; oooh, yay, goodie! And thanks haha, maybe I should do a blog Hespera Ophelia Niamh is beautiful.

    Tuit; Cissea is sis-EE-uh. I love Gwenllian Iris Loveday, Hespera Eos Yvaine, Morgana Belphoebe Louise, Pandora Daphne Lyonesse and Pandora Circe Giselle.

    Muffin; I don’t mind recycling . You’ve made some gorgeous combos here, let me see… Gwenllian Veronica Psyche, Hespera Giselle Atalanta (although these are conflicting myths, so I can’t use it!), Hespera Belphoebe Jasmine, Morgana Isis Tinuviel, Morgana Hecate Tinuviel, Morgana Eos Tinuviel, Morgana Yvaine Tinuviel, Morgana Lilith Persephone, Pandora Nimue Giselle, Tinuviel Ursula Selene… and basically all the others too. Not much practice, trying to downplay your gifts? I get the Ophelia + Psyche thing, kind of, but Psyche’s myth is all about mental strength and over oming things. So for me it’s lovely.

    Zelia; Yay, you like Hespera Ophela Tinuviel and Pandora Opheia Tinuviel… I’m rather pleased with those myself… Morgana Hecate Elbereth as well. Gwenllian Eimyrja Zephyrine, swoon alert! Gwenllian Isis Alcyone, Morgana Aradia Tinuviel, Morgana Psyche Melusine, Pandora Eisa Melusine and Tinuciel Olympia Lyonesse. Oh my goodness! Zenobia, I’m not sure about this one. I’m trying to put her away for a while, then take her out and see how I feel.

    Angel; you crazy one! Look at that. Thank you so much. Yes, I pronounce Hecate the correct way ! I actually really love the Hekate spelling too. Maybe I should do it like that? Okay, first of all, love how you see the names and glad we mostly see them the same way. Then the combos… I could pick at random and I’d hit one I truly love but I need to picky here! My absolute favourites are Gwenllian Alcyone Atalanta/Eimyrja/Myrsina, Gwenllian Bellicent Hecate, Gwenllian Chione Melusine, Gwenllian Hathor Eimyrja, Gwenllian Lilith Persephone, Hespera Callisto Villanelle, Hespera Clemency Ophelia, Hespera Lilith Alcyone, Hespera Loveday Louise, Hespera Ophelia Melusine, Morgana Callisto Elbereth, Morgana Callisto Villanelle, Morgana Circe Lyonesse, Morgana Lilith Alcyone, Pandora Callisto Elbereth, Pandora Signe Callisto, Pandora Clemency Giselle, Tinuviel Astraea Louise, Tinuviel Vega Elbereth, Tinuviel Sonja Delphine, Tinuviel Itzel Ondine and Tinuviel Sesheta Yvaine. I’m officially in love with Itzel and Sesheta. Thank you for all that!

    Elkey; Nicknames for Hespera. I got some great suggestions, Sparrow was one of them. I think it’s very cute, but I hear Sparrow and see Johnny Depp… anyway, nicknames are Happy and Pari! Oh, and I like Whisper! Very sweet. Tinuviel is pronounced tih-noo-vee-ehl. And thanks for all your sweet words. So sweet!

    Twinklemama/Victoria; Gwenllian Eos Alcyone, Morgana Elbereth Melusine, Morgana Ophelia Noor, Morgana Isis Pelagia, Pandora Yvaine Olympia and Tinuviel Proserpina Noor are al gorgeous! Alouette makes me think of that song, we sang it a lot in nursery, and Wisteria is gorgeous. I love wisterias. But I don’t like it as a name… Thanks though!! And hugs back!

    Lois; I can say Hespera 400 times a day! But nicknames are Pari and Happy.

    Amira; Hespera is one of the Hesperides, the nymphs who guarded the tree with the golden apples. The golden apple that was the beginning of the Trojan war was stolen by Eris from this tree. Tinuviel is tih-noo-vee-ehl, Gwenllian is gwen-LHEE-an. And thanks!
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    I'm glad you found things you liked! I can't help but make tons of combos as I love putting your names together and feeling them and seeing the images. Tinuviel was very difficult! The only way I could have the right feeling was to add my own names. :P

    We'd do good in person. I could talk name imagery all day with you ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Hiya love - I think most of your top five are very shiny.
    I only commented on the names when I see them drastically differently than you. Otherwise I just had fun with combos.

    Gwenllian - I see Gwenllian the way you see Tinuviel.
    Gwenllian Hecate Louise, Gwenllian Atlanta Bernice, Gwenllian Ophelia Circe

    Hespera -
    Hespera Loveday Ondine, Hespera Lyonnesse Noor, Hespera Eowyn Noor

    Morgana -
    Morgana Callisto Elaine, Morgana Persephone Yvaine, Morgana Eos Zepherine

    Pandora - Interesting that you see Pandora like the weightless feeling of being in water. I see Pandora as dark and hollow, like being in a huge dark cave without an exit and only a small crack of light. Where the walls are damp and wet but there is no water and no matter how much you yell nobody can hear you. I guess that explains why I just can't love her.

    Tinuviel - I see Tinuviel like you see for Gwenllian.
    Tinuviel Hathor Belphoebe, Tinuviel Alcyone Proserpina, Tinuviel Aurora Melusine
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    I'm sorry there's only three here, I got tired about halfway through...meds kicking in, I suppose. sleepysessha for reals!

    Morgana - Morgana's a storm. The dark clouds gathering, crashing together causing lightning and thunder. Violent waves crashing against cliffs, the strong wind blowing in her skirts. Wild untamed nature. Dark, luxurious, temperamental, magical. And then the beauty of the calmness after the storm...

    Morgana Eos Villanelle, Morgana Hecate Elbereth - Not keen on Villanelle with Morgana, it seems too similar to villain which emphasizes the more unsavory versions of her story.

    If you want an all-out witchy vibe, you could pair Morgana with Bellicent. Bellicent, in addition to being a witch herself, also combines the best of Bellatrix and Maleficent. She's like the witchy trifecta! And we know what they say about the power of three...

    Morgana Bellicent Aradia, Morgana Bellicent Vashti, Morgana Layali Bellicent, Morgana Bellicent Isis, Morgana Bellicent Dalma (a roundabout connection to Roo's name via Dalmatia which was formerly Illyricum...also thought to mean "of the soul"), Morgana Antionia Bellicent
    Morgana Zephyrine Vashti - I also love Vashti with Morgana...together they're rich and purple and velvet
    Morgana Lilith Aradia - as witchy as they come!
    Morgana Oona Persephone (also spelled Oonagh or Una, but I like the double O)
    Morgana Chione Lyonesse
    Morgana Lilith Isolde or Morgana Lilith Yvaine
    Morgana Psyche Aradia
    Morgana Ceridwen Elbereth (I know, Cerri is out, but I couldn't resist)
    Morgana Circe Ophelia
    Morgana Circe Aradia - also quite witchy!
    Morgana Tempest Zephyrine - I remember this from last time...she was my favorite stormy witchy combo!
    Morgana Elysia Noor - I read that one of the interpretations of Elysia is "lightning-struck!"
    Morgana Vashti Aurora, Morgana Vashti Elbereth, Morgana Vashti Aradia (swoon), Morgana Vashti Belphoebe, Morgana Vashti Ophelia
    Morgana Zephyrine Pele - I know Pele is quite the departure from your classical mythology, but a wild untamed volcano goddess appeals to the same part of me that Morgana does

    Pandora - Pandora feels to me like being weightless like you are in water. Long hair dancing softly around her head, gracious underwater movements. Little bright rays of sunshine that make everything look magical, and feel warmer than it really is. Mermaids and nereids, coral, starfish and seaweed. Pandora's in the cold colour spectre, light icy blue, violet, lavender, cold azure. I associate this name strongly with music; Pandora and Otterley by Cocteau Twins, and Pandora's Aquarium and Liquid Diamonds by Tori Amos. And hope, Pandora's all hope and beauty.

    Pandora Ophelia Elbereth, Pandora Ophelia Tinuviel

    LOVE the description of Pandora...I never thought of her as watery and mermaidesque before, but now that's all I see! I'm going for a luminescent undersea feel, maybe some slight witchyness thrown in.
    Pandora Melusine Echo
    Pandora Daphne Callisto
    Pandora Nimue Ondine - the ultimate curious mermaid name!
    Pandora Nixie Myrsina
    Pandora Circe Aradia
    Pandora Lilith Alcyone
    Pandora Zephyrine Thalia
    Pandora Cerulean Isis
    Pandora Selene Atalanta - this might be my favorite. it fits so perfectly with your imagery! I can just see the strands of her hair drifting like cornsilk seaweed, the rippling iridescence that light makes on the blue waves when viewed from it pairs perfectly with Sister's name!

    Tinuviel - Twilight girl, a naiad walking softly in between the trees, music follows her wherever she goes. I can't say more, Tinuviel's a feeling more than anything, star clusters, mists, an ocean of pinks and gold. Tinuviel sounds like Bat for Lashes.

    Tinuviel Circe Aurora - I do so love this combo.

    Apparently I have a thing for Nuvi and the O names, and I LOVE her paired with Amoret! I know Amoret's not on the middle list, but when you see my combos you'll change your mind She's the perfect dusky pink and the "love" link with Aphrodite is too cute.
    Tinuviel Signe Ophelia
    Tinuviel Olwen Amoret (squee!!), Tinuviel Iris Amoret, Tinuviel Circe Amoret, Tinuviel Signe Amoret, or Tinuviel Isis Amoret
    Tinuviel Amoret Psyche, Tinuviel Amoret Daphne, Tinuviel Amoret Noor (squee again!! such imagery!), Tinuviel Amoret Ondine (squee the third!!)
    Tinuviel Ondine Aradia - I love this one, because Aradia makes me think of radiant starshine
    Tinuviel Io Persephone
    Tinuviel Musidora Loveday - I couldn't resist. SO twinkly!!
    Tinuviel Nimue Lilith - dreamy and ethereal
    Tinuviel Seraphine Olwen
    Tinuviel Chione Noor - a crisp wintry take
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