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    While making these, I discovered that I really feel Callisto with Pandora and the image you have. Even though I don’t really like Pandora, I do think it goes wonderfully with Aphrodite. To me, Pandora feels velvety (Even though she’s light and watery to you) and soft like the goddess Aphrodite feels to me. Going away from your imagery, when I connect with the actual goddess during rituals, she’s smooth, soft, gentle and light to me and Pandora has that feel.

    Looking at it, I think most of these have Callisto in there. Callisto is just water and springtime sunlight to me so it fits.

    Pandora Callisto Atalanta
    Pandora Callisto Belphoebe
    Pandora Callisto Chione
    Pandora Callisto Clemency
    Pandora Callisto Eisa
    Pandora Callisto Elaine
    Pandora Eowyn Callisto
    Pandora Callisto Elbereth
    Pandora Callisto Isolde
    Pandora Callisto Loveday
    Pandora Lyra Callisto
    Pandora Callisto Melusine
    Pandora Callisto Niamh
    Pandora Callisto Nimue
    Pandora Olwen Callisto
    Pandora Persephone Noor
    Pandora Callisto Psyche
    Pandora Signe Callisto
    Pandora Callisto Yvaine
    Pandora Clemency Atalanta
    Pandora Daphne Callisto
    Pandora Daphne Idunn
    Pandora Daphne Louise
    Pandora Daphne Loveday
    Pandora Giselle Alcyone
    Pandora Clemency Giselle
    Pandora Iris Giselle
    Pandora Loveday Giselle
    Pandora Lyra Giselle
    Pandora Signe Giselle
    Pandora Iris Elaine
    Pandora Iris Loveday
    Pandora Iris Ondine
    Pandora Iris Ophelia
    Pandora Iris Yvaine -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Now Tinuviel is all starlight to me. I get that you can't see a clear image. To me, Tinuviel feels like a fairy dancing out of sight every time you try to see her. Like the only way to see her is out of the corner of your eyes. She's mischievous and mysterious in a way. I also, for reasons unknown, keep seeing a sparkler (like when you do fireworks) in my head. Take that as you will. I actually don't find many names on your list that fit what's in my head about Tinuviel so I'm going to end up adding a good deal of my own stuff in here. Sorry >.<

    I couldn't come up with much for this. She's so elusive.

    Tinuviel Bellicent Aurora
    Tinuviel Belphoebe Star
    Tinuviel Aurora Cassiopeia
    Tinuviel Luna Aurora
    Tinuviel Nova Lyonesse
    Tinuviel Astraea Louise
    Tinuviel Ophelia Citlali (sit-lah-lee – it’s Nahuatl for Star)
    Tinuviel Gemma Yvaine
    Tinuviel Vega Elbereth
    Tinuviel Sonja Delphine
    Tinuviel Perdita Louise
    Tinuviel Itzel Ondine (means “star of the aurora sky” and was a Mayan princess)
    Tinuviel Sesheta Yvaine (Sesheta was the goddess of the stars and the patroness of writing and literature in Egyptian Mythology)
    Tinuviel Silvana Yvaine
    Tinuviel Eluned Etain
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    Dear Ottilie, I have been thinking of replying to your girls threads for some time, but truly girl names come hard for me. One thought that keeps coming back to me though, is about a question from your last thread. You asked for nn ideas...for Hespera. Did you come up with any? I know the sounds are a little different, but what do you think of Sparrow? (Just noticed it has already been suggested. Shoot, I thought I was the only one to come up with this darling! ) Or, just brainstorming a little here, how about Whisper? Maybe a little far out..
    Gwenllian- This name keeps growing more and more on me. I don't know why, because I would never consider a Gwen- name myself. But its so different, so magical. I admit, I did pronounce it wrong at first, and when I found out the right pronouncian I was a little disappointed. But its wonderful. It's the kind of I can just stare at for minutes.
    Morgana- I love, love this image. <3 The sound, the imagery of it, makes it so beautiful with Aphrodite. But a nn? Or is that not an issue? Eos is magic with Morgana! It just adds to the power of it...
    Pandora- Honestly, I thought this was my least favourite on your list, but Panda, it's way too darling! It's delectable. Aww, just imagine calling your little bundle, Panda!!..
    Tinuviel- Help me here, Ottilie, this ignorant girl doesn't even know the correct pronounciation of this one either!! The way you describe it though, has made me grow to love it for you....
    I don't have time to do anything with mns now, but Eos, Nimue and Noor are impossibly gorgeous. Sweet, romantic, mysterious, totally you..
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    Yay Otter lists! You know, dear, I am into Gwenllian camp...but all your visions are great!
    Gwenllian Alcyone Elaine is darling but I think Gwenllian needs something more airy...Gwenllian Loveday Zephyrine, Gwennlian Eos Alcyone?
    And Hespera is all evening stars and fairies...I love Hespera Ophelia Psyche, what about Hespera Clemency Signe?
    Morgana needs water...Morgana Elbereth Melusine, Morgana Ophelia Noor, Morgana Isis Pelagia...Morgana Yeah, OK I included some my ideas
    Pandora is adorable, Panda and Dora are cute as well. I feel like something bright and curious will fit her. I love Pandora Ophelia Elbererh, how would you feel about Pandora Lyra Belphoebe, Pandora Yvaine Olympia, Pandora Eisa Hathor?(hey I love Hathor and her myths!)
    Tinuviel is not really my soul thing but you imagine her beautifully. Tinuveil Circe Aurora is breathtaking, would you mind me suggestions Tinuviel Atalanta Chione and Tinuviel Proserpina Noor? I love love love that you added Proserpina, I like it much more than Persephone!
    Your girls are all fun and beauty as usual! I thought about Wisteria and Alouette while going through your posts, how would you feel about them for middles?
    Huge hugs from boiling hot LA!

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    Love, love Tinuviel and Gwenllian. Still grieving over Zenobia, though.

    Not much good for combos, but the only one that struck me on first glance was Tinuviel Circe Aurora. I really like Circe in the second spot. And Aurora as a pretty normal name that fits so well with teh Tinuviel imagery.

    Hespera is intriguing, but can't imagine saying it 400x/day? What nn would you use?

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