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    I don't have much experience with combos with two middle names, but I tried my best. And I hope you don't mind that I used some names that were on your previous lists. My favorites are starred.

    Gwenllian - Gwenllian Alcyone Elaine is quite pretty! Villanelle is gorgeous, too, but I can't help but think of the word "villain" every time you mention it.

    Gwenllian Ophelia Iris (or Isis, either works) 8
    Gwenllian Veronica Psyche
    Gwenllian Aurora Melusine or Gwenllian Melusine Aurora
    Gwenllian Vanessa Hecate
    Gwenllian Cressida Noor

    Hespera- I liked Hespera Ophelia Psyche at first glance, but thinking about it more, I would caution against using Ophelia and Psyche in the same combo, considering what Ophelia's character goes through in Hamlet. Maybe Hespera Ophelia Daphne or Hespera Daphne Ophelia instead? Or Circe? I agree with some previous posters that Hespera and Daphne go very well together! I also really liked the suggestion of Hespera Daphne Arden.

    Hespera Isolde Lyonesse
    Hespera Giselle Atalanta *
    Hespera Berenice Ophelia
    Hespera Louise Verdandi
    Hespera Belphoebe Jasmine

    Morgana - I still really like the idea of Morgana _______ Tinuviel, so I went a little overboard with those combos! And, obviously, Morgana is my favorite of your top five.

    Morgana Yvaine Tinuviel *
    Morgana Persephone Tinuviel
    Morgana Eos Tinuviel
    Morgana Daphne Tinuviel
    Morgana Hecate Tinuviel
    Morgana Psyche Tinuviel
    Morgana Callisto Tinuviel
    Morgana Isis Tinuviel

    Morgana Zephyrine Olympia *
    Morgana Lilith Persephone (May be a bit much, though...)
    Morgana Cyrene Lyonesse
    Morgana Nephele Ondine
    Morgana Hecate Yvaine

    Pandora - I tend to avoid putting two names that end with "a" next to each other, so I prefer Pandora Tinuviel Ophelia, but as long as you pronounce Ophelia with all four syllables, Pandora Ophelia Tinuviel is lovely as well.

    Pandora Nimue Giselle *
    Pandora Signe Veronica
    Pandora Hermione Sunniva
    Pandora Melusine Lyra
    Pandora Ondine Lamia

    Tinuviel - Since Tinuviel is so "fantasy-ish", I would suggest pairing it with two more down-to-earth names. Tinuviel Circe Aurora is fab!

    Tinuviel Isolde Penelope
    Tinuviel Clemency Lyra
    Tinuviel Ursula Selene *
    Tinuviel Olympia Louise
    Tinuviel Serafina Elaine
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    Hespera Ophelia Tinuviel is my overall favourite, it's so incredibly beautiful and it's a combination of some of the most beautiful names in the world. Aphrodite and Hespera compliment each other so beautifully. I also really like Morgana Hecate Elbereth and Pandora Ophelia Tinuviel. I'm slightly hesitant with posting any suggestions because I really love yours and I doubt I could top any of those, but I'll give it a go:

    Gwenllian Eimyrja Zephyrine
    Gwenllian Eowyn Ophelia
    Gwenllian Isis Alcyone
    *Not gonna post a combination for Hespera because after hearing Hespera Ophelia Tinuviel, I think that's the only right combination *
    Morgana Aradia Tinuviel
    Morgana Lyra Proserpina (is Zenobia totally out of the picture? Because at first I used that instead of Proserpina but then I saw it wasn't on the list)
    Morgana Eimyrja Zephyrine
    Morgana Psyche Melusine
    Pandora Eisa Melusine
    Pandora Circe Myrrhine
    Tinuviel Signe Belphoebe
    Tinuviel Olympia Lyonesse
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    Red face

    As always, I love your imagery. My favorite with Aphrodite is Morgana, to be explained in Morgana's post.

    From your current combos, I like -- Gwenllian Alcyone Elaine, Hespera Ophelia Psyche, Morgana Hecate Elbereth, Pandora Ophelia Tinuviel, Tinuviel Circe Aurora.
    I do want to know if your saying Hecate he-kay-tee (which is how it's supposed to be pronounced) because I hear people saying it hec-tate (which makes no sense), hec-a-tate (again, makes no sense), and resently, he-cate (which at least makes sense). Just so you're aware that, at least in my area, people tend to not know how to say it. I LOVE Hecate (pronounced the right way but spelled Hekate (the Greek way)) and her myths.

    Now, on to combos. As is always the case, this is going to get really long because I just can't help myself with your beautiful name list. So I'm doing one name per post.

    Gwenllian feels fierce to me. It feels bushy haired and woodsy. The girl in my head hunts with a bow and drinks from the forest springs. It's like it's all the wildness Aphrodite could have but doesn't. It's a good compliment. It provides starkly different images to me and that's nice.
    EDIT -- This is way longer than I thought! I love making these too much!

    Gwenllian Alcyone Atalanta
    Gwenllian Alcyone Eimyrja
    Gwenllian Alcyone Giselle
    Gwenllian Alcyone Myrsina
    Gwenllian Atalanta Giselle
    Gwenllian Atalanta Lyonesse
    Gwenllian Atalanta Ondine
    Gwenllian Aurora Giselle
    Gwenllian Aurora Idunn
    Gwenllian Aurora Nimue
    Gwenllian Bellicent Elaine
    Gwenllian Bellicent Giselle
    Gwenllian Bellicent Hecate
    Gwenllian Belphoebe Eimyrja
    Gwenllian Belphoebe Giselle
    Gwenllian Belphoebe Ondine
    Gwenllian Callisto Eimyrja
    Gwenllian Callisto Giselle
    Gwenllian Callisto Myrsina
    Gwenllian Chione Atalanta
    Gwenllian Chione Lyonesse
    Gwenllian Chione Melusine
    Gwenllian Chione Proserpina
    Gwenllian Circe Atalanta
    Gwenllian Cissea Giselle
    Gwenllian Cissea Louise
    Gwenllian Cissea Lyonesse
    Gwenllian Cissea Ondine
    Gwenllian Cissea Villanelle
    Gwenllian Cissea Zephyrine
    Gwenllian Clemency Idunn
    Gwenllian Clemency Lyonesse
    Gwenllian Eimyrja Elaine
    Gwenllian Eimyrja Hecate
    Gwenllian Eisa Louise
    Gwenllian Eisa Loveday
    Gwenllian Eisa Yvaine
    Gwenllian Giselle Chione
    Gwenllian Hathor Eimyrja
    Gwenllian Hathor Nimue
    Gwenllian Hecate Lyonesse
    Gwenllian Hecate Zephyrine
    Gwenllian Iris Atalanta
    Gwenllian Iris Elaine
    Gwenllian Iris Ondine
    Gwenllian Iris Ophelia
    Gwenllian Iris Yvaine
    Gwenllian Isis Aurora
    Gwenllian Isis Elbereth
    Gwenllian Isis Myrsina
    Gwenllian Isis Ondine
    Gwenllian Lilith Persephone
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    I feel bad because I make so many but I love it! Forgive me for taking so much space >.<

    To me, Hespera feels much like it feels to you. It feels like chilly winter and walking in a gentle snowfall. It's drinking cider or hot chocolate next to a little fire. And all at once it's springtime too, but early spring when the snow is just melting and the air is still brisk and cold. To me, it doesn't so much clash with Aphrodite as present vastly different images. That's just me though.

    Hespera Belphoebe Aradia
    Hespera Belphoebe Atalanta
    Hespera Belphoebe Giselle
    Hespera Belphoebe Lyonesse
    Hespera Callisto Berenice
    Hespera Callisto Eimyrja
    Hespera Callisto Giselle
    Hespera Callisto Hecate
    Hespera Callisto Louise
    Hespera Callisto Villanelle
    Hespera Chione Loveday
    Hespera Circe Berenice
    Hespera Circe Giselle
    Hespera Circe Louise
    Hespera Clemency Ophelia
    Hespera Daphne Callisto
    Hespera Daphne Louise
    Hespera Daphne Olwen
    Hespera Giselle Alcyone
    Hespera Giselle Atalanta
    Hespera Giselle Eimyrja
    Hespera Giselle Hecate
    Hespera Giselle Isis
    Hespera Giselle Melusine
    Hespera Hathor Alcyone
    Hespera Hathor Eimyrja
    Hespera Hathor Elaine
    Hespera Hathor Giselle
    Hespera Hathor Isolde
    Hespera Hathor Loveday
    Hespera Hathor Yvaine
    Hespera Hecate Callisto
    Hespera Hecate Louise
    Hespera Hecate Ondine
    Hespera Hecate Vanessa
    Hespera Lilith Alcyone
    Hespera Lilith Cissea
    Hespera Lilith Eimyrja
    Hespera Lilith Eisa
    Hespera Lilith Elaine
    Hespera Lilith Giselle
    Hespera Lilith Hecate
    Hespera Lilith Isolde
    Hespera Lilith Louise
    Hespera Lilith Olympia
    Hespera Lilith Ondine
    Hespera Lilith Yvaine
    Hespera Louise Berenice
    Hespera Louise Elbereth
    Hespera Louise Iris
    Hespera Louise Loveday
    Hespera Loveday Aradia
    Hespera Loveday Chione
    Hespera Loveday Louise
    Hespera Lyonesse Atalanta
    Hespera Lyonesse Olwen
    Hespera Lyra Callisto
    Hespera Lyra Chione
    Hespera Lyra Hecate
    Hespera Lyra Louise
    Hespera Lyra Loveday
    Hespera Ondine Aradia
    Hespera Ondine Eimyrja
    Hespera Ondine Iris
    Hespera Ondine Ophelia
    Hespera Ophelia Berenice
    Hespera Ophelia Chione
    Hespera Ophelia Clemency
    Hespera Ophelia Giselle
    Hespera Ophelia Melusine
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    Now Morgana is my absolute favorite with Aphrodite. They sound so great together and the images counter nicely. Aphrodite is sea foam, gentle wave, the quiet strength of the ocean (to me). Morgana is all that you said. I love see the duality of the elements in the sisters names.

    Morgana Bellicent Aradia
    Morgana Bellicent Aurora
    Morgana Bellicent Cissea
    Morgana Bellicent Eimyrja
    Morgana Bellicent Elaine
    Morgana Bellicent Hecate
    Morgana Bellicent Ondine
    Morgana Bellicent Yvaine
    Morgana Belphoebe Atalanta
    Morgana Belphoebe Giselle
    Morgana Belphoebe Lyonesse
    Morgana Callisto Eimyrja
    Morgana Callisto Elaine
    Morgana Callisto Elbereth
    Morgana Callisto Hecate
    Morgana Callisto Idunn
    Morgana Callisto Iris
    Morgana Callisto Villanelle
    Morgana Callisto Yvaine
    Morgana Callisto Zephyrine
    Morgana Chione Atalanta
    Morgana Chione Giselle
    Morgana Chione Louise
    Morgana Chione Loveday
    Morgana Chione Lyonesse
    Morgana Chione Melusine
    Morgana Chione Villanelle
    Morgana Chione Zephyrine
    Morgana Circe Giselle
    Morgana Circe Lyonesse
    Morgana Circe Nimue
    Morgana Circe Zephyrine
    Morgana Eimyrja Belphoebe
    Morgana Eimyrja Callisto
    Morgana Eimyrja Chione
    Morgana Eimyrja Giselle
    Morgana Eimyrja Hecate
    Morgana Eimyrja Isis
    Morgana Eimyrja Loveday
    Morgana Eimyrja Lyonesse
    Morgana Eimyrja Melusine
    Morgana Eimyrja Ondine
    Morgana Eimyrja Zephyrine
    Morgana Eos Atalanta
    Morgana Eos Belphoebe
    Morgana Eos Chione
    Morgana Eos Melusine
    Morgana Eos Olympia
    Morgana Eos Yvaine
    Morgana Eowyn Atalanta
    Morgana Eowyn Hecate
    Morgana Eowyn Isis
    Morgana Eowyn Olympia
    Morgana Eowyn Yvaine
    Morgana Hecate Zephyrine
    Morgana Isis Atalanta
    Morgana Isis Ondine
    Morgana Isis Yvaine
    Morgana Lilith Alcyone
    Morgana Lilith Chione
    Morgana Lilith Eimyrja
    Morgana Lilith Hecate
    Morgana Lilith Nimue
    Morgana Zephyrine Isis
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