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    I love Gwenllian with another strong name like Atalanta or Hypatia. Gwenllian Atalanta Berenice, Gwenllian Hypatia Villanelle,
    Gwenllian Hypatia Niamh
    Magical Morgana is perfect with Belphoebe. Morgana Belphoebe Elaine, Morgana Belphoebe Ondine
    Hespera and Daphne are both so verdant. Hespera Daphne Lyonesse, Hespera Daphne Myrrine, Hespera Daphne Zephyrine!
    Hespera Daphne Proserpine!

    Pandora and Ophelia side-by-side are too much for me. But Tinuviel Ophelia has those delicious repeated "eel" sounds.. Tinuviel Ophelia Clemency.
    Tinuviel Circe Aurora is lovely too though. Starry. Tinuviel Circe Elbereth could be good, though excessively Tolkienish.
    Pandora Signe Noor, Pandora Lilith Yvaine?

    Remind us which are family names again...
    I tried to give each combination one Marian-type name for grounding. Berenice, Niamh, Elaine, Ondine, Daphne, Clemency, even Yvaine and Signe are recognizable and earthier than the more filagreed Illyria-type middles.

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    My favorite on this list is Hespera--love the image! It's not one of your combos, but I think Hespera Ophelia Niamh sounds lovely (I'm a sucker for Niamh though).

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    Oh dear, well let's see if I can make enough sense in this post. It seems much less organized than my boy comments were, sorry!

    1. Gwenllian: I seem to be the only crazy one who can't let go of my initals obsession but the best one I came up with was Gwenllian Arcadia Zephrine (GAZE, so lovely!) Alcyone goes Great with Gwenllian, I definitely think you're on the right track with that one! And Zephrine makes me think of your image of her on top of the windy hill. Cloak on, riding through the snow, carrying a bow and arrow. She is basically a darker-haired Merida lol.
    2. Hespera: Is Arden out as a middle name this time? I really loved that in a combo with Hespera. I was originally thinking of pairing her with Belphoebe as 'Faerie Queen' seems to fit well with Hespera in the garden, yes? Hespera Belphobe Tinuviel would be glorious. Then again, there were also the Hespera Daphne combos from before and I adore that association so... here's to Hespera Daphne Arden if that's an option.
    3. Morgana: Forgive me if you don't like any of these. Your combos sound very witchy and everything in me wants to make this name feel lighter so I may not be the best one for the job. Is Morgana Giselle Nimue or Morgana Zephrine Isolde too tame? Morgana Zephrine Noor makes me think of wind and lightning and wildness. But I also really love both of Emma's Morgana Belphoebe combos.
    4. Pandora: Pandora Iris Ondine? I had no idea you saw this as a mermaid name! Makes me like it a bit more, and I went very literal with the color/water references. Also like Pandora Iris Tinuviel, though again we're waiting to see if that'll be used as a first or not. One slightly negative comment: I would be wary of pairing Pandora with Ophelia. I know that You don't see them in a bad light, and I mostly agree, but you do have to consider that she'll grow up around typical "general public views". To an extent I think it's good to consider what many may think of when they hear these. I personally wouldn't go with two semi-questionable namesakes for her. Ophelia is much better elsewhere imo. Just something to think about.
    5. Tinuviel: Well she's a non-Greek myth name, so this is just the place to use Circe if you'd like. I would pair it with a very normal second middle, but luckily you have a ton of great options there. Tinuviel Circe Iris? Tinuviel Circe Giselle? I'm also feeling Tinuviel Olympia Elaine for some reason. Ok, I am all over the place with this one lol.

    Lastly, honorable mention for a few middle names: I think you should really try to use Belphoebe or Circe this time. They are your two loves carefully considered and reconsidered and finally moved from the front. I like the idea of Daphne because of your dream connection, but am mostly only able to fit her in with Hespera. (Hespera seems to be my go-to problem solving name, she's just so welcoming!) And I prefer Zephyrine to Zephyr from the boys side, she seems to fit so well in many of these combos. =]
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    Oh my goodness, they're all amazing! I've actually really come around to Tinuviel (especially now I know she sounds like Bat For Lashes!). My two favourites are: Pandora Ophelia Elbereth and Tinuviel Circe Aurora. By the way, you're the reason I've added Hespera to my long list! I'm a bit crap at name imagery, but I'll think about some combos and get back to you. Although, I think the two you've already got (Pandora and Tinuviel) are brilliant.
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    You have made a beautiful list with some gorgeous combinations, although I am a little sad that Zenobia isn't on it.

    Hespera Ophelia Tinuviel, Pandora Ophelia Tinuviel, and Gwenllian Alcyone Elaine are my favorites from your combinations. I think they're just about perfect.

    Tinuviel is stunning, and I'd like to suggest Tinuviel Prosperina Noor and Tinuviel Wisteria Elaine. I know Wisteria isn't on your list, I just wanted to suggest it.

    I think Morgana is my favorite with Aphrodite. Aphrodite and Morgana - They somehow complement each other perfectly. They challenge each other. I love, love, love Morgana Eos Villanelle. A few more combinations: Morgana Eowyn Zephyrine, Morgana Iris Ophelia, Morgana Idonea Zephyrine (I think Mizy would be a cute nickname), and Morgana Calpurnia Lyonesse.
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