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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post
    Oh I love Calliope too! It's all oceany to me too, but not stormy like Morgana, more lapping waves at the sunset, a small fire on the beach. I can see her walking in the pink light, gathering shells and sea glass right there with Aphrodite. Aphrodite and Morgana is still my favorite sibset, but Aphrodite and Calliope is gorgeous too!
    Dantea said it better than I could have. I absolutely love Calliope. She gives me the light version of Morgana, if that makes sense. Where Morgana is dark and powerful, Calliope is light but strong, like a fresh breeze coming in and breaking a hot and humid day. A little Lali to play with Roo.

    Not giving up on Morgana, but I like how Calliope feels with Roo's name.

    P.s. posted a few pics on the wedding thread.
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    A holiday, how nice! Where to?

    Anyways, ooh how exciting to see Olympia again! I know how rare it is (here at least, but probably also in the UK) but somehow it seems so much more familiar than Aphrodite. Even so, I love it- spunky, just a bit sassy, clearly feminine but not all pink and lace. Colour-wise I think of deep, rich blues and purples and a touch of mossy green.

    Calliope is also fun and spunky. I imagine a girl who's always friendly, upbeat and cheerful. It has a ton of history but also a modern sound. Same thing as Olympia with regards to the, um, "perceived rareness" (that doesn't really make sense, does it, but anyways). For colours I would say bright, cheerful oranges and yellows.

    Anyway, new order of preference:
    Calliope (actually like this a bit better than Morgana, but Morgana seems more "Ottilie-y" somehow, maybe I'm way off the mark)
    Gwenllian (would probably be higher up the list if I was more sure of pronunciation)
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    Oooooh, i love Olympia. Definitely more than stands up next to Aphrodite.

    Olympia Circe Luna just popped into my head.

    I'm personally not a Calliope fan, to me it sounds like "galloping", which I realize is weird, but for that reason it seems coltish to me.

    I am also liking Pandora Circe Olympia
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    Wow, my internet went down the day you posted this. *sigh* I'm back, but don't have much to add, as there have been so many amazing suggestions and opinions. Haha

    Anyway, just wanted to say how excited I am that Morgana & Pandora made the top five!

    And, I love Calliope. It's kind of amazing
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    Back to my laptop, so now I can reply to you wonderful ones properly! There's been a change, but I'll get to that at the bottom... of any of you read that far ! I'm doing a big blanket thanks again, as there are too many pages... but I appreciate all your words, and that all of you took your time to read and reply and you know. Love!!

    Lex; I love all your Morgana combos! They're so beautiful! And Tinuviel Aurora Ondine... swoonish!

    Sessha; So someone went a little bit crazy there, huh?? ! This is going to be difficult, I am only picking my very favourites, but they're all gorgeous. Morgana Bellicent Aradia is smashing, although, for initials sake, I'd switch it to Morgana Aradia Bellicent. Mab, see? Sorceress, enchantress, witch, faery all in one name. Morgana Psyche Aradia, Morgana Vashti Elbereth, Morgana Vashti Ophelia, Morgana Vashti Aurora are all stunning. I'm glad you dug up Tempest Zephyrine, I still really like this one. Morgana Zephyrine Pele is beautiful, but here in the part of the world where football (also called soccer I believe ) is the most popular sport, Pele would for most people be, not an awesome volcano Goddess, but one of the best footballers of all time. I do love it though... My way absolutest most favourite is Morgana Circe Ophelia though. All my favourites in one. Next: Pandora! Pandora Selene Atalanta stood out to me at once. It's so shimmery and watery and just stunning. The Nimue Ondine one is beautiful as well, though... And finally little Nuvs. Tinuviel Signe Ophelia, Tinuviel Amoret Noor, Tinuviel Circe Amoret (all the Amoret ones really!) and Tinuviel Chione Noor are my very favourites. Thanks so much for doing all of that, my sweet! Wonderful, wonderful...

    Freya; Scheherazade is too much for Husband... and for me too really. It's a bit over the top, but it's a beautiful name and a powerful namesake. Hespera and Roxana do go well together, Hespera Roxana Yvaine is beautiful. Morgana Eos Zephyrine is one of my favourites for little Morgs as well, it's very stormy and dark. In the good way.

    Gwen; I love Gwenllian Atalanta Noor, Hespera Nimue Giselle, Morgana Persephone Louise, Pandora Oenone Elaine and Pandora Lilith Ondine so much. And Tinuviel Sonja Noor is so gorgeous and twinkly. Normal middle depends on the first name. Morgana, Gwenllian and Pandora are normal enough for him, Nuvs and Hespera are not. Hope theatre festival was fun!

    Bonfire: thanks, and your thoughts are lovely. I like... Gwenllian Isis Arcadia and Pandora Vanessa Lilith in particular!

    Moonie; yay, I'm glad we're a little Natasha Khan group here, teehee. Pandora Circe Melusine is fantastic awesomeness! Love it!

    Dina; yeah, I know, you choose honeymoon over my namecraziness? ! Hope you had a lovely time... I'm glad you like Pandora Ophelia Tinuviel, it's definitely one of my favourites. It makes me happy to see people come around to little Panda, it's such a great name. And Morgana is one of those names I can't see myself not using. I won't stop having babies until I have my little Moogie.

    Sorceress; Calliope could be either, but right now I'm mainly thinking as a first. I do love her with Hespera though, Hespera Calliope Noor is gorgeous.

    Angel; yeah, we see her pretty eye to eye. Calliope's all happiness to me, dancing and laughing, flowers in her long blonde curly hair. And wateresque for sure. Calliope Loveday Idunn, Calliope Hathor Louise, Calliope Bellicent Yvaine, Calliope Myrsina Nimue and Calliope Melusine Iris are all beautiful!

    Amy; yes, he didn't want it because of Grey's, but then he saw some more episodes and realised that Callie was indeed cool (and I'm guessing the extreme hotness of Sara Ramirez didn't hurt either). He likes that Calliope feels different than the others, it's playful and joyous. Callisto is out as a first as it's a male name in Italia. Olympia does fit in the same places as Ophelia, you're right. I think it'd be a great fn as well, Husband said we shouldn't worry about themeing our children, if we do we'll deal with that later. He said it funnier though... he's weird. Tiny Nuvi is great as a middle. I will try not to worry! (And Roo did enjoy her little holiday, and she's grown a lot in the Italian sun. She's bigger and looks much older than when we left!)

    Aurora; thank you! I love Hespera Ophelia Psyche too (initials HOPE). Isn't Till We Have Faces beautiful? The Psyche myth has always been one of my favourites, and even though it of course includes Aphrodite I think it's got a good outcome for both women.

    Esswei; Villanelle and vanilla ice cream, haha! I like ice cream though. I like Sonia too, but Sonja's got more meaning to me, and it's how it's spelled in Norway. It belongs to the Queen and a character in one of my favourite Christmas stories. I'm so glad to hear you and your brother have a great bond! I'm not as worried as I was anymore, I'm starting to fully appreciate the good things about them being close.

    Hannie; Olympia Clemency Isis is beautiful!!!

    Dina; whoa, I like the nickname Lali! Roo & Lali! Weehee. And I did check out your pic's, they're heavenly. Beautiful lady you.

    Bonfire; Italia! Been to Tuscany and Liguria. You're not waaay off mark, Morgana is definitely a name I can't see myself not using. But Calliope and Morgana are so different in feel, moody and dark versus light and leaping, so I think I'd know quite soon which one she was.

    Moon; Olympia Circe Luna? Swoon! Just beautiful.

    Sari; thanks! I don't have much to add either... too many clever people here. Calliope is kind of amazing, isn't it?

    We'll be moving to Italy next year so Gwenllian and Tinuviel are definitely off the list as firsts. I would like to keep them as middles though. I'm trying to think a little to find names that will go over well over there, where the sounds won't be less attractive or they will be unpronouncable, but for now I'm happy with my new top five: Calliope, Hespera, Morgana, Olympia, Pandora. I think they'll all sound good-ish. Thanks again all, you rock!
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