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    I have a challenge for everyone - help with MN/honoring family...

    So this is a tough one. Everyone is such a naming expert, though, that I hope you ladies can come up with something! We are at a loss, and it's discouraging.

    We want to pick a middle name for DS that honors both our fathers. This is especially important to me because mine passed away when I was a teen, and we were really close.

    H's Dad: FN John, MN Lawrence
    My Dad: FN Melvin (NN Mel), no MN

    We don't want two middle names, ie: BabyBoy John Mel or BabyBoy Mel John
    Using my maiden name is out - it's a MOUTHFUL. :|

    How in the world can I select a name that incorporates these two nicely? Or even semi-nicely? :|

    I thought of looking at the meanings and trying to select a name that incorporates both. John is Hebrew and means "God is Gracious." As for Melvin, it really varies depending on the site! I have literally found about five different meanings: counsel protector, chief, friend, etc. I don't know how I'd realistically find one that has the incorporation of both meanings, though, unless I sifted through names for hours and hours and hours - which, I might likely have to do.

    Any help, insight, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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