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    I have a challenge for everyone - help with MN/honoring family...

    So this is a tough one. Everyone is such a naming expert, though, that I hope you ladies can come up with something! We are at a loss, and it's discouraging.

    We want to pick a middle name for DS that honors both our fathers. This is especially important to me because mine passed away when I was a teen, and we were really close.

    H's Dad: FN John, MN Lawrence
    My Dad: FN Melvin (NN Mel), no MN

    We don't want two middle names, ie: BabyBoy John Mel or BabyBoy Mel John
    Using my maiden name is out - it's a MOUTHFUL. :|

    How in the world can I select a name that incorporates these two nicely? Or even semi-nicely? :|

    I thought of looking at the meanings and trying to select a name that incorporates both. John is Hebrew and means "God is Gracious." As for Melvin, it really varies depending on the site! I have literally found about five different meanings: counsel protector, chief, friend, etc. I don't know how I'd realistically find one that has the incorporation of both meanings, though, unless I sifted through names for hours and hours and hours - which, I might likely have to do.

    Any help, insight, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Okay I took a kind of weird approach, but tell me what you think!

    Jovin - this is a mixture of John and Melvin. It is a real name of Latin origins and is a variant of Jovan. Its meaning is "father of the sky" which I think is also cool since you are honoring your fathers! I also think it is actually a really great sounding name!

    Lavin - I think pn Lay-vin. This name seems to be very obscure but there are some listings of it on the internet. It is listed as more of a girls name but I think as a middle it is very masculine

    Im not sure how you will feel about this but hopefully you like one of them! Good luck!

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    I might go with initials...choose names you love that start w/J and M in either order. I like Joshua Michael or Joseph Mercer.

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    What about Jordell? It is an English form of Jordan. It has the 'Jo' of John and the 'el' of Melvin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by namesinthenw View Post
    What about Jordell? It is an English form of Jordan. It has the 'Jo' of John and the 'el' of Melvin.
    Or Joel... Honestly I think anything we come up with is going to be a huge stretch and not feel like an honor name for John and Melvin. Unless you want to make something up like Meljohn or Johnvin, I would just name him John Melvin and call him by a nickname...

    ETA: Or a variant of John with Melvin as a middle name. Actually, Evan could honor both. It's a variant of John and has the van/vin syllable.
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