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    I like Morgan with Makena.

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    I really don't like any of the of names you listed since I don't think they go well with Makena. I think they are to "normal" if you know what I mean
    I would suggest these names that are quite similar to your list like Morgana, Viola, Audrina, Audra or Leilani.

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    I, too, will have to deal with an -er ending last name for my kids and, to me, an -er fn with the last name sounds funny. So I, personally, would stay away from Harper, but if you really love it and don't mind, then it is up to you.

    Violet is lovely, and even if it does mean purple in French, is that so bad? A bigger concern for me would be it's popularity.

    Aubrey is really cute, but I - being probably the odd one out on this - love it more as a boys name.

    I would assume Morgan was a boy. Also, Morgan and Makena are a bit matchy for me.

    Margo is lovely and I think would really work. Even though it is another M name, it doesn't seem matchy with Makena like Morgan does. This one would be my first choice for you off your list, followed by Violet.
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    I'd nix Harper. The overt popularity next to Makena and the -er thing would bug me.

    Violet is pretty but too sweet with Makena.

    Margo, I can't decide. It does feel a little too rich to me next to Makena, but as for maturity, she can be nicknamed any Margaret nickname just fine - Maggie, even Magpie!

    Aubrey I don't love the sound of. I love Audrey, but in this case, too classic. So, I have a tough time there.

    Morgan works best with Makena to me, but I agree with the suggested Morgana did something a little more high impact and feminine. It's cool!
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