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    Baby #2 due in two weeks and still no name


    We are expecting our second daughter in a couple of weeks, and have not yet decided on a name. Our first has a very meaningful name to us - Makena - after the area where we were married in Maui. We have accepted that the new baby's name may not have quite as much meaning behind it, but are still struggling to find something we both love. The middle name will either be "Joy" or "Jaye" (both family names).

    Here's what we are considering:

    Harper - We both love the name, but our surname also ends in "er".... Big deal or not?
    Violet - I think this is such a lovely name, but we plan on sending our kids to French school and "violet" means "purple"... Cause for teasing?
    Aubrey - This name is really new to our list, and I'm just not quite sold on it yet... Your thoughts?
    Morgan - I know some people have strong feelings about gender-bending names, but we quite like this one... Does is flow or clash with Makena?
    Margo - I recently met a little girl named Margo and thought it was such a sweet name, but there's a piece of me that also finds it too "mature"... Your thoughts?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated!


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    Margot is such a gorgeous name! I think it sounds great with Makena.

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    Another Hawai'ian name might be nice:
    Kamea means 'Precious one'
    Kailani 'sea and sky'
    Leiko 'little flower'
    Nalanie 'heavens'
    Palila 'bird'

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    I like Morgan with Makena - to me, Morgan is one example of a perfectly unisex name. Margo is one of my favorites and would go nicely with Makena. If your surname is also two syllables, I would avoid Harper but if it has more than two syllables, the repeated -er wouldn't bother me. I don't care for Aubrey or Violet.

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    With Makena, I'd go with something less classic than Margot or Violet (though I could see Violeta working). I'm not crazy about Aubrey, but it really fits well with Makena. I also really like Harper, but I think it is going to hit the top ten soon. I wouldn't worry about Harper and an er surname. I wouldn't bat an eye at a Harper Turner or Harper Oliver. I would bat an eye to Harper Draper or Harper Parker, though. Morgan is kinda blah to me, but nothing wrong with it.

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