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    Bea, Beatrice, Eleanor, Juliette,Adelle

    Do any of these go well in a sibset with big brothers Tristan and Miles. Also how do you say Bea? I say it Bay. Any other suggestions welcome. Hubby is no help at all with names has no interest so it like bouncing names off a brick wall. baby is due around christmas so im hoping to include a fall or winter themed middle name and a double middle to honor my younger brother .I am not a fan of unisex names on girls. Thank you in advance nameberries for your help.

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    Out if the ones you mentioned in order which I feel go best with siblings Tristian and Miles is....
    1)Juliette- I am a lover of this name! It's elegant and graceful. Even though it may go better with bro Tristian I do like it with Miles.
    2) Beatrice- adorable, spunky, great nickname potential. Once again it work with both but feel it matches Miles vibe.
    3)Adelle- this is an old soul name to me but not in a bad way. My only issue with Adelle is I feel like I'm taking about a computer. Like saying " oh it's a Dell."
    4)Eleanor- Another old souls name which again isn't bad. I love the nickname potential here like Nellie, Nora, Nor, Ella, El. This actually can go above Adelle just cause of the nicknames which I think are awesome with Tristian and Miles! And it sounds great.
    5) Bea- not a fan of this one. It's pronounced BEE. Not Bay.

    In the end now that I thought about it top choices for me are Eleanor, Beatrice and Juliette.

    Hope this helped! Good luck!
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    Juliet (prefer this spelling, unless you indeed want it pronounced jool-ee-ETT) and Adele (also prefer this spelling. I have never seen Adelle.) go great with big brothers' names!! I would pronounce Bea as BAY-uh.

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    I would pronounce "Bea" as "BEE" - that's how I've always heard it (and it's generally used as a nickname for Beatrice, isn't it?) While it's a cute nickname, I think the full Beatrice is so lovely (and you can easily call her by a shortened form if you wish). I love all the names on your list otherwise. Somehow Eleanor seems to suit your other sibling names, to my ears. Tristan, Miles, and Eleanor. But all of them would be lovely. I don't think you can go wrong really. My least favourite might be Juliette, just because it seems very French compared with her English-sounding brothers....but that's not all that a big deal. Perhaps once you have your middle names sorted out, the ideal first name will seem clear. I'll post a few suggestions below with Christmassy themes, just in case you like them

    Eleanor Estelle (meaning star, so perhaps suitable for Christmastime)
    Eleanor Bethany

    Beatrice Estelle
    Beatrice Eve
    Beatrice Noelle

    Adelle Holly
    Adelle Eve

    Juliette Noelle

    Best wishes!

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    I think Juliet is perfect with Miles and Tristan!

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