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    Jasmine - 1985 or ok now?

    Found out I am having a girl today! My daughter is called Maple. I have a long list of names I like - Iris, Hazel, Daisy, Lucy, Cecily, Penelope, Florence/Flora, Clover, Daphne, Pearl, etc. My husband likes Jasmine. I like it, but it feels super dated. I know Hazel and Pearl are "old lady names", but I think they are so old they are cool. I worry Jasmine is just tired and every other cheerleader from 1985. But maybe it is fresh again? I do really like the name itself.
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    Jasmine's had her time in the sun awhile ago. You can look at the Social Security site to see the overall trend for 30 years or so. It'll give you an idea of its popularity.
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    Jasmine's a nice name, but I honestly think it would look very boring next to Maple (which I love by the way!). From your list I like Daisy, Cecily, Flora (not Florence), Clover, and Pearl!

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    I love the name Jasmine!! My only problem with the name is all the people who spell it weird XD.. Jazmyn, etc YUCK!

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    I think you're right to be wary of Jasmine's dated feel. Flora and Hazel would be beautiful, fitting sisters for the gorgeous Maple.

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