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    Thanks Linda if we can fix this problem I am sure it would help us all.

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    I wanted to chime in and say a couple from our church had quads a few years ago and there was no coverage at all, not even local coverage in our small town. I don't think quads are that newsworthy. That being said, I like the idea of trying to authenticate, but have no idea how that would realistically be done. When I see announcements from new people, (regardless if singletons, twins, or octuplets,) I very rarely comment. I'm just too suspicious of potential trolls and the few times I have been duped have left a bad taste in my mouth! I generally congratulate members who have been on for a while because they seem more likely to be genuine. Hate to be that way, but I don't want to support a troll!
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    Um... the supposed mothers could post a picture of their babies' feet with a sock on the left foot and no sock on the right foot? Write the baby's name on the bottom of the sock.

    (Yeah, I don't know either.)
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    I think the easiest thing would be if people just didn't automatically assume someone was a troll or at least if they're suspicious, ignore them. Their post will die quickly enough and there's little to be gained from sparking a fight.
    I know it's annoying to see the quarterly roundup full of unrealistic multiples, but requiring someone to "prove" their babies are real doesn't seem very realistic, friendly, or beneficial.

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    In my experience, when people want to prove something online, they'll hold up a piece of paper with their username, the date, and sometimes a cute message written on it and take a picture. I don't think anyone here would be opposed to seeing a bunch of babies with a little name tag. Of course, it shouldn't be required for congratulations and support and many people are weary about posting pictures of their children online. Maybe, if absolutely necessary, they could send a picture or record of some sort to Pam or Linda and they can verify the thread?

    I know most of them are trolls, but I always worry about the (unlikely) new mama of multiples in a fragile state of bliss being told her children aren't real and that she's doing something wrong. I'm not referring to any post in particular, just the idea.
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