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    Main Character:

    Love Interest:

    Something literary and long, and unusual, like Horatio, Demetrius, Barnaby.

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    For the main, what immediately struck me was Zosia. Not interesting enough? Too interesting? Maybe something super old school that she could make her own. With a guardian that's an English teacher (did he name her?) I could see her as a Barbara nn Bob or Bobbie or even as a Katerina. I actually like Zosia better than those though. I also like Zofia. Zuzanna. In short, the Z is working for me.

    For the love, I like the idea of something really popular. Maybe the reader will think he's going to be the jock, the player in this classic, overused story of "the player falls for the girl next door". Then WHOO-BAM. You spring it on them that the love interest isn't that at all. Give them a new meaning to a name they thought they knew forwards and back. I like Jake and Cameron.

    Is it a rule that English teachers have to have nerdy, ancient names? If so, and speaking as a hopeful English teacher, I object. Adamantly. Give him a cool name that a normal parent would give their child. Scott Browdie, Glenn Browdie,Will Browdie. Give him the air of safety, of comfortability, of familiarity that so many people really do have in their guardians.
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    you can try Amelia for the main character, nn Mia. As for the love interest, you can do Caleb, or Andrew, nn Drew. For the guardian, try Marcus.

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    I really like the sound of Glenn Browdie He didn't name her, no. Her parents named her, but they had to give her away because their lives were in danger and they couldn't put their daughter in danger too. Does that make sense? I love Zosia, too. It's very original

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    Here's the first names that popped into my head for each character:

    1.main character- Cornelia interest- Hiram
    3. Guardian- Barnaby

    Hope you like them

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