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    Cool Opinions on Antoinette

    I like Antoinette as a middle name, especially as a person who respects Marie Antoinette, who of course everyone is reminded of. I think it's pretty and I love the nn Toinette.
    What do you think?
    Ellie xx
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    It's a little too frilly for me, or maybe not frilly but somehow too elongated. Could be nice in the right combo though, especially as a middle name. With some of the first names you have listed, it could be lovely:
    Sybil Antoinette
    Fallon Antoinette
    Willa Antoinette
    Rose Antoinette

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    The first thing that comes to mind with the name Antoinette is as you said, Marie Antoinette. I think it would fit well in the right combo as a middle name.

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    There's a girl in my eldest class with this and I was really surprised to see it at first. I think it would make an interesting mn choice!

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    I kind of like Antoinette...especially as a middle name. It does make me think of Marie Antoinette, which isn't the happiest of associations because of her pretty tragic end, but I like Anne because of Anne Boleyn so clearly that's not a huge deal to me, haha.

    Not a fan of Toinette at all, though, I first read it as Toilette...too much teasing potential. Nettie, Etta, Annie, etc. would be cute nn, though.

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