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Thread: Persephone?

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    I actually know a Persephone. She is a very spunky vivacious little girl. It certainly is a unique name, you may not be able to. Buy per made items with that name, but if that doesn't bother you I say go for it. Good luck to you and your hubby.

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    Not a fan.

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    I really like it as an alternative to Penelope!
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    Greek Mythology is more popular than it has ever been. Currently, in my state Greek mythology is a major part of the language arts curriculum in middle school. Movies and books based off the stories are in demand (Clash of the Titans, Percy Jackson and many myth books for children). Since Persephone's story is well known, most teachers should be able to pronounce her name right (kids might have problems, but a nickname makes this so much easier).

    Persephone is a great, unusual alternative to Stephanie and Penelope. Persephone also comes with a wide range of unusual nicknames, like Seph/Sephie, Peri/Perri, Percy/Persey, Fi, Seffa, Posey and Poppy.
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    I love Persephone...for its sound, history and pretty look...

    However, the only thing I have against it is its myth. Now I am in no way an expert on Greek myths so feel free to correct me but Persephone was kidnapped and forced to marry Hades. Some sources I have read have gone so far as to say Hades raped Persephone...

    That I have a hard time with. How would I explain to my eight year old my reasoning to name her after a mythological figure who was kidnapped and forced to marry against her will (and possibly raped)? I truly understand the appeal of the sound but the myth just makes it difficult to use (in my opinion). I'm sure there are more (more child friendly) myths about Persephone but that is the best known one...

    I love it too much to drop it completely though, so I may still use it for a middle name. :/
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