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Thread: Persephone?

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    I think Persephone is a lovely name! I like the nicknames Sephie, Percy, Posey, Poppy, & Fi(FiFi). I would definitely use it in real life.

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    I think it's beautiful - but that is why my cat is called Persephone... (the other one is called Antigone). Sephy and Tiggy for short.

    No-one can EVER pronounce their names correctly unless they have a degree-level education, and sometimes not even then, so I can imagine that for a child it would be a real pain constantly correcting people.

    So I can see your husband's point of view in that it's beautiful and lovely, but equally sympathise with you not wanting to use it.

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    I adore Persephone. It's actually one of the names on my list (Persephone Kate). If you don't want to call her Persephone, how about Sephie, or even Sophie? Persy, Honey, or Ursy would work too. Just some suggestions. Good luck!
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    I love Persephone. I once met a Persephone who was in her late 30's/40's. This was about 5 years ago. She seemed to like her name and was happy that I could pronounce it. :-)
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    I find it quite pretty, and is one of the few mythology names I like, the others being Echo and Daphne. I love it's soft syllables and just the overall feel of the name. I honestly think that pronunciation wouldn't be a huge deal since her story is more well known than other myths, and in my area, at some point of middle school or high school, we all have a unit of mythology in English class. In the case that people do mispronounce her name, it's not a big deal to correct them.
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