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    Middle name for Genevieve

    I've narrowed down my name search to a few names but I am struggling with a unique middle name for Genevieve. My middle name is Marie and so is my mom's so that is the obvious choice but I would love suggestions for other more original middle names. My last name rhymes with Mavis. I like Caroline but I wasn't sure if that's too much of a mouthful with a long name like Genevieve.

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    While it's three syllables, I think Caroline goes well with Genevieve, especially when you say it all together: Genevieve Caroline _avis. Very sophisticated! The simple last name keeps it from being too much.

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    I agree with Elisabeth rae that Caroline is not too much with Genevieve.

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    How about
    Genevieve Mariline (combo of Marie and Caroline)
    Genevieve Helena /Elena
    Genevieve Juliet
    Genevieve Marian
    Genevieve Lyra
    Genevieve Margot/Margo
    Genevieve Anna

    I agree with the others about Genevieve Caroline! Its sound so sophisticated!!!

    By the way how you pronounced the name? With the English or the French way?

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    I am pronouncing Genevieve the English way. Thanks for the suggestions!

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