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    Names for the 3 Little Kittens

    Not Mittens though……

    They are a week old and so they will be with us for at least 7 more weeks. My husband says don’t name them because I’ll get too attached, but I need to refer to them as something other than as 1, 2, & 3.. Kitten 1. is black with a little bit of white on its face, chest and one paw. Kitten 2. is mostly grey with some darker gray stripes & a large amount of black on its back. Kitten 3. is grey, black & white with a lot of white spots on face and all four legs are white. They are about 7-8 inches long right now, & very fluffy! They don’t do much but sleep and eat. They spend all day with Momma, Tiger Lily. I would Love some of your suggestions please. Thanks!
    ~Jackie Jordan~ a.k.a. ~ J.J.~

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