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    What's the consensus on giving two middle names?

    We are American and I realize it's probably more common practice in Britian, but what do you think of giving a baby girl two middles? (Although my son only has one middle). I'm not really sold on doing it but just wonder if many Americans are doing it and does it present any problems in terms of paperwork in life, or is it a good idea?

    Thinking it might be nice to add a name but then again, if I did it for her, I should have done it for my son and kept it uniform. Agree?

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    I think that if you want to do it then go for it. I've considered doing two middles for a boy to be able to honor both my father and my husband's father at the same time. That way we wouldn't have to worry about one side or the other feeling left out if we happened to only have one boy. To me I don't really think that you would need to keep your son's and daughter's names uniform, but l would suggest having a special reason if you did that, otherwise your son might feel left out having only one middle.

    I don't know anything about the paperwork aspect, I only have one middle myself.

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    If you want to, go for it! I'm not such a fan simply because it makes the name so long. As for paperwork, I've never seen any with space for two middle names so she may have to do something special for passport paperwork etc.
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    I really love two middles, more options to use wonderful names and more opportunity to work with flow within names. I plan to use two middles for all my children and I live in America! I think you can have your son with on middle and you daughter with two so long as you continue the theme with your future children i.e all your boys have one and all your daughters have two. All in all if you really love it and it means something to you I suggest going for it I think its becoming more common in America (at least on Nameberry).
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    Be consistent with your children.
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