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    How to pronounce Linnaeus?

    I came across this name about a week ago. It means "lime tree" in Latin. I'm hoping it's pronounced lin-nay-us instead of lin-knee-us because I prefer the former. I wasn't aware there was a botanist with this name as a surname until two days ago. Do you automatically think of the botanist when you hear the name?

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    it is pronounced lin-nay-us, and yes I do think of Carl Linnaeus though I think of his role in taxonomy more than his role as a botanist, I don't think many people outside of the biology community (I have my bachelors) would make that connection
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    Yes, I do think of Carl Linnaeus. I disagree with nercomi, I think most people who have been in a high school science class with a biology unit (so, most people) will know Carl Linnaeus' name. It's definitely not a bad association, but for me, it's a strong one.
    It's pronounced (anglicized): lih-NAY-iss (

    What about Marius, Romaeus, or Caius, if you don't want the botany association?
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    I was an English major, so this may be the reason I've never heard of him until recently. I never had a biology class or science class where his name ever came up. Not opposed to a botanist connection, just wondering if that was the first thing to come to mind because it didn't with me.
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    It's Lin-ay-us. It's not a negative association to the scientist. He developed the method that we use to name species.
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