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    Casper's a great name and honestly, the friendly ghost association doesn't bother me because really, you can't get a better association than that. Cass would be a cute nickname for it.

    I don't like Cashel, it feels made up.
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    I don't care for Cashel, personally. I like Dashiell much more, or even some of the other Cash names. I LOVE Caspar (this spelling), though! I keep coming back to it for my own list. I nearly opted for Samuel Caspar, but I ended up with Samuel Gaspard instead. Still love the name, though!
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    I do think the friendly ghost is still a powerful association but I still really love Casper and think its a great alternative to the growing popularity of Jasper. The nn Cass is very cool.

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    I love Casper/ Caspar! It was our boy pick last time
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    I think Casper is adorable -- and I would personally never use it -- because I can't get over "The Friendly Ghost" -- but I do think that dates me -- in more than one way and that others should definitely think of it as viable.

    I like so many of the suggestions above. I like Cash -- just as a name -- on its own. I agree Cashel seems a bit invented, and I like much better Caspian or Jasper. I think Cass is just about the cutest nn I can conceive.

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