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    I think Casper with the nickname Cas/Cass is ok but I prefer Jasper and the nickname Perry.

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    ALL I think of when I hear this name is the friendly ghost but I have never heard anybody in real life with that name. I think the character is old enough now that a kid born now wouldn't have to deal with it especially if he were going by Cass (which I LOVE). Additionally I find that people own their names and change other people's perception of their name and like somebody mentioned above, Casper was an adorable character with no bad connotations so it wouldn't be like changing people's perception of the name Adolf, you know?

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    I can't get past "the friendly ghost."

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    Casper is a top contender - i just keep shying away from it for some reason. It was my grandfather's name, but i've been told he hated it..and it's a known fact my mom wasn't a fan when it came to naming her children. perhaps thats my hold up? The casper the friendly ghost thing isn't really a deal breaker, but i did hear that Netflix will have the rights to show all the cartoons again soon. (we don't have a tv and netflix is our way of zoning out) i'm not sure if this is the norm for others, but i'm guessing it may become standard in the future ? if you fear that it'll be back in pop culture for the little just might. still can't shake it from my top three though! there's something really charming and sweet about it.

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    I adore Casper, and all the friendly ghost associations would fade with actually knowing one.
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