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    Why don't you get Linda and Pam's latest Off Grid e-book? It's a list of names that haven't even been in the top 1000 and some of your choices are quite popular.
    * 5 easy ways to judge a baby name

    * 21 other baby name rules worth following

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    My favorites from your list are Graham and Julian. While I'm a fan of Miles, he has been rocketing up the charts and might become too popular for your liking (#111 in 2012).

    You have a beautiful set of names--can't really go wrong.

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    I like them all but my vote is for Graham. I know a few men named Graham and they've always been really lovely, interesting guys. I also think it fits really nicely with Holden and Sawyer and fits the familiar but not popular criteria.

    We call our closest friend Graham Gray sometimes, which I really like. It actually comes across as a very warm nn despite the actual color!

    Good luck, I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices.

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    I really love Miles! Especially with the nickname Milo. I think it has perfect little boy charm and grown up sophistication.

    Not on the l list, but I think you might like is Ezra. I think it has classic charm and sophistication.

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    Atticus - ok
    Elias - ok
    Finn - LOVE
    Graham - like
    Julian - A little feminine, but I don't dislike
    Jasper - ok
    Kieran - a little trendy
    Keenan - same as Kieran
    Leo - LOVE
    Miles - like a lot
    Milo - I like Miles better
    Noel - Girl's name (Noelle) to me
    Rhys - ok

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