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    In need of boys names that aren't very common

    My kids are Holden, Sawyer and Izabella.

    I don't want to pick a name that's very common this time so I would like to avoid top 100. So far wha we like if you would rate them


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    Great picks! And I love your other children's names, Holden (this name rocks!), Sawyer and Izabella are all great names!

    My Top 5 from your picks would have to be:

    1. Atticus - This name is such a strong choice. I know a little boy named Atticus and it works out splendidly on him, plus this name fits well with your other children's names.
    2. Graham - Has that same feeling/vibe to me as your other children's names. Plus it is vintage and familiar without being overly used.
    3. Jasper - Love, love, love this name! It is so handsome and has something special!
    4. Leo - This name seems like it's getting popular (well at least here on nameberry), and I think there's a good reason, it's handsome and has some spunk.
    5. Rhys - Very masculine and handsome in my opinion.

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    A long favorite that hasn't really shown up is Ephram. I like Ethan, and this is a good alternative to escape the popularity.
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    Holden, Sawyer, and Izabella all have a vintage feel but with a contemporary twist or modern popularity. I think your list generally hits the nail on the head blending in with those criteria.

    If I were to knock a few off, I would say:
    Atticus - I find Holden (Catcher in the Rye), Sawyer (as in Tom), and Atticus (TKAM) really high-school-reading-list themed. (You could even tie in Isabella with, sigh, Twilight.) Of course, if you like this theme, go for it. I'm rather theme-averse unless they are very, very subtle. I would almost put Jasper on this no-no list for his Twilight association since you have an Izabella, but I think it's probably fine.
    Kieran & Keenan - these feel very Irish to me where Holden, Sawyer, and Izabella don't.
    Julian - This is ranked in the US at #53, so it doesn't meet your hope for No-Top-100 by half. It also feels much more British-uppercrust-old-fashioned than either of your rough-and-tumble boys names.

    On the flipside, I think these are absolute winners:
    Graham - Straightforward, but not boring; fits the surnamey style of Holden and Sawyer; feels happy, light, fun to wear!
    Miles nn Milo - While Milo alone feels much more cutesy and nicknamey than your current kids' names, it makes a perfect nickname for Miles, which incidentally falls in great with Holden, Sawyer, and Izabella. Milo as a nickname even gives a subtle nod to that literary theme (from The Phantom Tollbooth!) without driving the connection home as a permanent fixture in his name I loves "miles" too as a reference to travel, fun road-trips, etc.
    Rhys - I suppose one could argue that this is as Welsh as Kieran or Keegan is Irish, but it doesn't feel as tied to its heritage to me. I think its light crisp sound matches the earnest, easygoing qualities of the other three names. Finn gets an honorable mention here; I think it shares a similar quick, happy sound and would fit in your sibset, but it feels trendier to me, and makes the other names feel a little bit trendy, too. So while I like Finn, Rhys edges it out in my book

    I think Elias, Leo, and Noel are fine. They just don't scream "AMAZING!" at me the way these others do But overall, I think you have a great list here!

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    Atticus, Rhys, or Jasper!!!

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