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    Lightbulb Sister for Tessa Marlene - please help!

    At this point, I'm only 9 weeks along and we don't know gender yet, but I'm anxious to have my names list developed for this pregnancy. It's crazy because my list from last time isn't appealing this time. I have a similar but different style now. The name will have to match with dd Tessa Marlene.

    Edith Rosemary
    Rebekah Leone
    Audrey Noelle
    Meredith Emmeline

    Last pregnancy I also liked:
    Willa Deanne
    Zaylia Michelle
    Magnolia Elizabeth

    We tend to like biblical or classic names, but we do have an extremely common last name, so we would consider less popular choices. Family names: Leone/Leona, Hadley, Blythe, Catherine.

    Can you give me some similar ideas?

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I really like Emmeline (Emme) - possibly biased as I have an Emmaline! Tessa and Emme - sound very cute together, though! Emmeline Hadley, perhaps?
    Other suggestions for a sister to Tessa - Sadie, Zoe, Tabitha, Gemma, Esther, Olive, Nora, Marnie, Ruby, Hazel, Eliza, Matilda, June, Lucy, Maisie, Daisy, Poppy, Eleanora, Claire, Lillian, Estelle, Maeve, Sylvie, Adeline, Charlotte, Molly, Evelyn, Alice, Celia, Juliet, Adele, Margot and Camille.
    Combination suggestions - Eleanora Blythe, Blythe Elizabeth, Audrey Leone, Molly Catherine, Sylvie Leona, Evelyn Magnolia, Claire Elizabeth, Charlotte Leona, Ruby Catherine, Alice Leone.
    Wishing you all the very best in your naming journey.
    Mama Bear to five gorgeous children - Dakotah Anne, Arabella Hope, Jaren Max, Zahlee Grace and Emmaline Eve

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    Thanks for the suggestions. You mentioned some names I hadn't considered but really like, such as Ruby. I also like some of the combos you mentioned. Very helpful.

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    I love Emmeline and Rosemary, but Edith is not my favorite. Some other old fashioned, but classic names: Imogene, Gertrude (Gerty is actually pretty cute), Charlotte, Emily, Violet, Judith, Minnie, Nellie, Mildred, Lillie, Mattie, Fannie, Maude, Stella, Sadie, Effie, Virginia, Lydia, Lucille, Caroline, Harriet, Eleanor (nora for short), Estella, Sophia, Luella, Winnifred, Adeline, Birdie (SO cute), Johanna, Hester, Veronica, Adelaide, Francene (Franny for short).

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    Does anyone else please have suggestions?

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