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    Gone into labor 3 weeks early, need help on middle name!!

    Hi all,

    So I've gone into labor 3 weeks early and my hubby and I can't decide on a second name.
    The first name we chose is Thea. My hubby likes the sound of Theabella, but instead of having that as her first name we thought about having her second name as Bella or Belle cos we thought Thea was stronger on its own as a first name.
    We also thought Thea Rae sounded nice. Open to other suggestions.

    Our last name is Barber so
    Thea Bella Barber
    Thea Belle Barber
    Thea Rae Barber

    Any thoughts or suggestions??

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    My favorite is Thea Belle Barber.
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    I love Thea Rae Barber and also think Thea Mae would work.

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    Thea Rae is my favorite. Bella seems incomplete even in the middle name slot.

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    Thea Belle is the best by far. Great name!
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