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    Great names so far! I love Lillie and Andrew Only thing, I would like to point out though I think someone else above mentioned it that Willow is the witch character on Buffy and you don't want people to get them confused. Add that to Rowan which is also a slightly cliched witches name (though, I think it works) and it's too much together. Some alternative ideas: Wren, Lilac, Calla, Azalea, Lotus, Orchid, Frostine/Frosty/Frost, Aila or Aisha, Ivy, Jewel or Gem, Aramanth, Iris, Ayla or Ailish, Petal, Misty/Dusty, Snow, Tulip, Amethyst, Sapphire, Opal, Emerald/Esmeralda, Rosalie, Bree... Really any Nature/Tree or Flower/Animal/Jewel name would work, there are lots of list on nameberry. My personal favourite: Rain. Rain and Rowan, I think that sounds nice, (or Raine. Or Raina).

    Have you thought about about what ethnic/cultural backgrounds these characters will have? That can be very helpful for naming, along with what sort of parents they have and what lifestyle and income they have. There's a distinct difference between working class and upper class names.

    A) werewolf, male: Aww, a natural nice guy who wishes he could be normal, my heart goes out to him. Ideas: Anthony, Ben, Logan, Connor, Scott, Daniel, Luke/Lucas, Kyle, Mason, Matt or Sam

    B) werewolf, male: Watch out guys, Looks like we've got a badass over here! Ideas: Greg, Judd, Dante, Jonas, Ross, Pierce, Grant, Cliff/Clive/Clyde, Cord, Gray/Cray, Jesse, Rob, Jameson or Dave

    C) werewolf, male: Wow, this one's hard. I'm guessing he's cheerful and charming always fooling around with his friends, flirting with girls and riling up the teachers with lighthearted smartass remarks. Ideas: Xavier, Tommy/Timmy, Zane, Paul, Danny, Jules or Julian, Rick, Freddy, Jack or Jackson, Ryan, Steven, Gage, West or Wade

    D) human, male: Wow, such a sad character so I'll try to keep the names fairly solemn. Ideas: Finn, Philip, David, Lyle, Aaron, Art, Oliver, Seamus, Jim or Jimmy, Anson/Anselm, Vaughn, Dougie or James

    E) human (though not for long), male: Ahh, I see we have a non believer on our hands, tut tut such a cynic. Ideas: Miles, Niall, Corey, Thom, Jonah, Vince, Lysander (would need a nickname), Peter (from Peter and the Wolf geddit? lol, I'm lame), Alan, Anton or Tony, Mike or Ivan

    F) human (hunter), male: This one's a toughy, maybe something serious? Ideas: Reuben, Cameron, Donnie, Eamon, Jean, Mark, Noah, Jake, Ezra, Warner, Sean, Tate, Dennis, Wilder, Travis, Tristan?

    G) human, male : Alex, John or Jonathan, Nathan, Robert, Aiden, Noel, Liam, Levi/Leon/Leon, Evan or Kevin... It's always the quiet ones.
    H) human, female: Alex or Alexis (again lol), Rhiannon, Lola, Katie, Fleur, Tara, Fiona, Eleanor, Ellie/Ally, Lydia...Trying to think of nice, quiet girls.

    I) human, female: You could go two ways with this one Bad/Tough Girl names: Gem/Gemma, Layla or Lila, Ruby, Delilah, Rebel, Lira...
    Or Loner/Ordinary Outcast names: Jane, Mandy, Judy, Dana, Alice, Sandy, Bianca, Sarah, Gina, Diana, Vera, Vivienne, Candace..

    J) human (hunter), female: Oooh, perfect girl character, tricky.. I image her fighting off werewolves without chipping her perfect manicure. No hair is out of place. Ideas: Alana, Georgina or Georgette, Juliana or Julia, Tiffany, Rachel, Jessamy or Jessica, Aimee, Yvonne, Renee, Nina, Stella, Cora or Coraline

    K) human (hunter), female: I like this character best! She sounds like a great plot twist in the making Ideas: Jill or Jillian/Gillian, Ava, Anna or Anya, Lucy, Farrah, Hannah or Johanna, Kathleen or Drew

    Also, I'd just like to point out I hope you give some thought to last name WHILE you choose the first name. I can't stress this enough, there is nothing more disheartening than finding the perfect name for your character and then realising it doesn't work with their family's last name

    Anyway, I hope this help a little bit, or at least gives you some ideas. Good Luck and Happy Name Hunting!

    Oh, and good luck with the whole series! I hope it comes to fruition and works out for you someday
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    Flint, Roth, Solo, Ade, Roan, Thane, Ransom, Wilder/Cerise, Drina, Isis, Ariana, Lysandra, Miranda, Eve

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