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    Character Naming Assistence? Supernatural-themed.

    Okay, hi. So, I'm currently doing something that involves rising talent on a new hit television show, and I've started work on thinking about the characters of the show and though I breezed through naming the likes of ghosts, fairies, and a few others, I'm starting to get troubled when it comes to names that suit the feel of the show as well as the characters themselves. So far, I've got:

    Lillie: At seventeen, Lillie took her own life when she dived into the ice cold waters of Virgin's Lake. Now, fifty-five years later, timid and fragile, she stalks the woods, watching humans and other creatures from afar.
    Finley and Artemisia: Two fairies of surprisingly distinct natures; where Artemisia is mischievous with a devil-may-care attitude and always a glint in her eyes, Fin is sweet and genuine, often putting the well-being of others above her own and worrying that Artemisia will expose them with her constant pranks. They often clash, Artemisia pleading Fin to lighten up.
    Andrew and Jane: The twin offspring of a warlock, Jane somehow managed to absorb all but a trace of Andrew's magical abilities before their birth, leaving him with a knack for sensing the likes of supernatural creatures and a strange depth to his eyes. No hard feelings though on Andrew's part, he loves his all-powerful, ticking time bomb of a twin sister. Both are distant and estranged.
    Zachery: A young warlock who gets a kick out of confusing humans with his tricks. He often clashes head with the rest of his kind, and other supernatural creatures, which only fires Zach up more.
    Rowan and Willow: Two young witches, where Willow enjoys learning about their kind and her own abilities, Rowan would rather forget, favouring instead a normal life where food doesn't cook itself and where you can't find a book in your private library simply by calling it's name. Sadly, no amount of magic can make that possible.
    Rosalina: A werewolf of a competitive and harsh nature who always tells the truth (save for when it comes down to what she really is) even if it is slightly offensive. Underneath, Rose really is caring and sweet, it's just that a lifetime of hiding and playing games has taken a slight toll on her.
    Rebekah and Raphael: Extremely werewolf-born twins, the two couldn't be more different. Raphael; serious, kind, often right, and intellectual. Rebekah; stubborn, cold, and often seeks popularity of some kind.
    Patrick and Eliza: These two humans where bubble bath buddies; with their families being close, single-child Eliza had grown up considering Patrick and his younger sister Bridget as her siblings, and vice versa. When Bridget's body washed up in the river, mangled and lifeless, Patrick and Eliza both took a toll. Where Eliza eventually turned to helping others in the process of distracting her mind, Patrick buried his feelings deep masking them with his signature humour. Eliza can see right through it, but he's the one person she refuses to help, for fearing of being reminded of Bridget.

    If anyone thinks these names are almost contradictory to their characters, please tell me, because usually the advice on here is amazing. Anywho, back to the unnamed characters, they are all werewolves, humans and hunters, and I am yet to expand on them yet, but I'll try and give all the info I can on the ones I've planned out. So please, just any names you think would suit them and the feel of the whole thing, write down! It will be much appreciated! (P.S. to make it easier I assigned all the characters a letter.)

    A) werewolf, male: An honorary member of the bubble bath buddies gang (Eliza and Patrick), he befriended the two in childhood and the three stuck like glue, all the while, he felt great guilt for not telling them of his true nature. In recent years, he began a relationship with Eliza, but she broke it off after feeling as though he was hiding something from her. He's loyal and kind, often with a slightly serious air (that Patrick can often disperse in a matter of moments) and is slightly conflicted to whether his pack or his buddies should come first.
    B) werewolf, male: Older brother to 'A', he is harsh and cold, often shut up in solitude, barely anyone can remember his former charming and humorous self, or what brought about the change. He's often intimidating, except to his pack who question his loyalty, and finds himself often calculating things.
    C) werewolf, male: No one would guess this one was a werewolf, well, save for maybe his dazzling good looks, extreme talents in any sport he has a go at, and his superb strength (that he just can't help showing off). He doesn't take risk of exposure too seriously and is sort of like a shark: stopping means certain death, when it comes to the fact that he is always, always moving.
    D) human, male: One of the many who has lost a young female relative to Virgin's Lake, his little sister in fact. And worst of all, he witnessed it. Once minute the two young children had been skating foolishly on the solid surface and the next she was gone, taken by the cursed waters. His pain didn’t end there however. He can’t say why, but since then, he has been able to see the souls of those lost to the lake…including his sister. Sadly, she always disappears before he can get a word out.
    E) human (though not for long), male: The new boy, he is absolutely normal and he certainly didn’t get bitten by a werewolf the night of the last full moon, the night he arrived in Kestry. Certainly. It is just has he suspects: it was a normal, terribly frightening, but normal wolf, and it certainly won’t change him into a werewolf. That would be ridiculous. He’s quiet, strange, slightly intimidating, beyond sarcastic, a frequent user of the facepalm, but not—I repeat—not a werewolf. Werewolves don’t exist.
    F) human (hunter), male: Despite having what is only a name short of a fan club all his life, he is surprisingly grounded and level-headed, which of course has nothing to do with going into the family business. Unless the family business is hunting. And I don’t mean foxes, I mean supernatural creatures. Werewolves, werewolves, and oh, did I mention werewolves? They love hunting werewolves. But of course, werewolves don’t really exist, so they can’t really be hunters, so he can’t really be a trained cold-blooded killer. Can he? Then again, he is cold and distant…
    G) human, male & H) human, female: Ever since her best friend Bridget washed up in the river, she’s been suspicious. There’s something going on, something stirring, in Kestry. Bridget would never had killed herself. And surprisingly, she’s onto it, in fact she’s getting close to the trail, so close it’s put some of the supernatural creatures on edge. But the world doesn’t believe her, her friends believe she may just be going insane—an obvious reaction after Bridget’s sudden death, it’s only natural. Then there’s her older brother, he wants to believe her, he does. He doesn’t want to think of her as losing her sanity. But supernatural creatures do not exist. They’re both very quiet people, often confiding in only each other.
    I) human, female: The rebellious but intelligent new girl who’s staying with a foster family. Word says she must have done something pretty bad to wind up in Kestry, but they’re far too intimidated to say it in her presence. Scheming, distant, and at times cruel, she has gone most of her life without a single sign of affection, underneath it all she could learn to be genuine, to laugh, to smile, to love. She just needs a little—okay, maybe a lot—of work.
    J) human (hunter), female: She may seem a little icy at times, but that’s no reason to think this stylish and beautiful young lady is a killer. Even if she is accomplished in gymnastics, hand-to-hand combat, and weaponry. Okay, so maybe it is. Be careful, under the expensive cashmere of her sweater or tucked into her seven-inch heeled boots, you never know what deadly weapon awaits.
    K) human (hunter), female: She’s the baby of the family, underestimated and fussed-over, she wants to prove herself in the family occupation, more than anything else, even if it means denying her father’s wishes for the first time in her life. She’s going to kill. Even if no one teaches her, her offers to have her back; she’s going to prove them all wrong. All the while, posing as a book-wormish delight and absolute sweet heart to her peers and teachers at school.

    So, yeah. Feedback on the named characters and suggestions for the unnamed would be absolutely fabulous, I apologise for the length...I guess I just wanted to minimize confusion. If you have any questions/inquiries or see something that doesn't fit, shoot away! Any comment is appreciated greatly.
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    Lillie: I’d rather it were spelt Lily.

    Finley and Artemisia: Finlay doesn’t work next to Artemisia. Why did one get a ‘fantastical’ name and the other get an ordinary (misspelt) human boy’s name? I’d go with something like Artemisia and Delfina. Artemisia and Seraphina. Something equally long and whimsical sounding.

    Andrew and Jane: Twins. Lol. It annoys me no end when there’s a set of twins in something. It’s so overdone. And you have two! I’d remove at least one set.

    Zachery: It’s Zachary.

    Rowan and Willow: It's a tad cliché to give witches nature names, especially as Willow was a witch in ‘Buffy’. If you have to, maybe choose more obscure nature names? Sorrel and Aster? Etc.

    Rebekah and Raphael: All your werewolf names start with R. Is this intentional?

    Human names are fine.
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    just glad you spelled Rebekah correctly ^_^

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    Artemisia sort of sounds like a character from "A Midsummers Nights Dream", Puck. I wouldn't wont you to name a faerie that, but Robin (Puck's other name) sort of suits the faerie better if you you're going to keep the name Finley for the other one. If not, Artemis could be a nickname for the faerie, as Artemisia is a really long name.

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    A) Jett, Elliot, Daniel, Gabriel
    B) Jed (only if you didn't use Jett), Diesel, Axel
    C) Win, Zander, Ashton, Ryan
    D) Cole, Gavin, Connor
    E) I think Gabriel would work for him, too. Liam, Landon
    F) Drake or Zane
    G & H) Samson and Eleanor, Delia and Thomas, Marie and Jonas, Mia and Jared
    I) Cora, Ana, Ema, Eve
    J) Jezebelle, Lena, Miriam, Mia, Mallory
    K) Annabelle, Jennifer nn Jenny, Thea

    Well, that was a really long post, but it sounds like the finished product is going to be really good. i think that the names you have are good, so stick with them! If I repeated any names, I'm sorry.
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