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  • Beatrix

    18 40.00%
  • Juno

    16 35.56%
  • Clementine

    11 24.44%
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    Beatrix, Juno or Clementine

    Hi Berries,

    It's me again Could you help me deed between these three lovely names? Any feedback would be much appreciated! TIA

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    Jun 2013
    All great names in their own way, but I can't really decide between them without thinking whether they go well with your surname, any siblings you want them to fit with etc...

    On the whole to make a combo I think Beatrix Juno is a funky mix of Victorian and ancient-Greek that sounds very contemporary.

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    Our surname begins with B and has two syllables and it is to go with our little man Eli.

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    Then I think not Clementine, as that's a lot of letters to contrast with Eli!

    Beatrix might either work or not work depending on your surname. I really like alliteration names although I know some don't.

    Eli and Juno is a great combination.

    So I think probably Beatrix or Juno, maybe Juno just edging it to avoid the matchy surname issue.

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    I also like alliteration and Beatix does sound lovely with our surname!

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