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    Teagan (this variation gets my vote too) Mathilda Claire and William Henry Lukas sound great.

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    William Henry Lukas is great. Teagan Matilda Louise or Teagan Poppy Adelaide would be beautiful as well.

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    For the spelling, I love Teagan ... my mentor's daughter spells it that way, and she's a gem <3 But Tegan is just as cute

    As much as I love the name William, I think Henry goes better with Teagan (but that's just my opinion). Here's what I was thinking:

    Teagan Louise Claire & Henry Cameron Lukas <3

    I feel like this works for a couple reasons
    - I just noticed I did LC for one set of middle names, and CL for the other!
    - Henry is classic, whereas Teagan is more edgy ... the classic middle names for Teagan and the more modern middle names for Henry balances them out

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