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    Is Aurora considered trendy now?

    With its popularity and Disney connection, is Aurora considered a trendy name now? Just found out that I am in the early weeks of my second pregnancy and if this one is a girl, I would like to consider it. However, I cannot stand trendy names (no matter how beautiful) since I remember always being one of two-four Amandas in class, so I am conflicted about keeping Aurora for a first name.

    So...Aurora. Trendy or no?

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    It's too classic to be trendy. Only problem is it's so hard for little ones to pronounce.

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    Aurora isn't trendy. The main strike against it is that it isn't a liquid name. The two Rs give it substance and weight, which is something many of the trendy and/or currently popular girls' names just don't have. That said, there were only 1890 girls named Aurora in 2012. Compare that to Sophia which was given to 22,158 baby girls. Don't let rankings deceive you. Aurora isn't that popular.

    ETA: Whoops, just saw that you're in Canada. Guess those numbers aren't relevant, but my guess is that Aurora is less popular in Canada than it is in the US.
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    I've never met someone named Aurora in real life. I like it, due to the Disney connection. A good friend of mine was considering it for her daughter a few years ago, and I totally wish she would of used it instead of Caitlin.
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    I think its mentioned a little bit on nameberry but in real life i think its pretty rare. Still a known name so a good choice in my opinion.

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