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    Baby name quiz with choices!

    Daughter #1
    FN - Favorite style of name

    Classic: Elizabeth, Katherine or Margaret
    Unique: Aspen, Leith or Severina
    Unisex: Avery, Jordan or Peyton
    Trendy: Madison, Olivia or Sophia
    Family: Your family name of choice

    MN - Favorite name on the list

    Alexandra: Alexia, Natalia or Tatiana
    Bailey: Hadley, Rory or Sailor
    Caroline: Grace, Juliet or Lucy
    Daisy: Clover, Esme or Pearl
    Eva: Bella, Ever or Neve

    Son #1
    FN - Favorite name on list

    Austin: Carson, Foster or Ryder
    Braden: Brock, Cade or Mason
    Carter: Hunter, Logan or Sawyer
    Dylan: Evan, Killian or Rhys
    Edward: Henry, Julian or Timothy

    MN - Do you like surnames as names?

    Yes - Use your favorite surname
    No - Nicholas, Christopher or Wesley

    Daughter #2
    FN - Favorite style of home

    Cape Cod/Rancher: Brook, Misty or Rain
    Modern/Mansion: Brienna, Christia or Tayla
    Cabin/Log home: Laurel, Primrose or Wren
    Colonial/Traditional: Adela, Matilda or Victoria
    Bungalow/Mediterranean: Lilith, Rosemary or Sabrina

    MN - Perfect vacation scenery

    Beach/Ocean: Arielle, Bay or Marina
    Mountains: Summer, Tempest or Winter
    Jungle/Forest: Azalea, Iris or Ivy
    City: Dream, Lux or Sage
    Living new cultures: Calvina, Isolde or Mila

    Son #2
    FN - Favorite Country on list

    France: Blaise, Mathis or Remi
    Ireland: Breccan, Cullen or Liam
    England: Duncan, Jasper or Lennon
    Spain: Hugo, Javier or Pablo
    Italy: Alessandro, Enzo, or Silvano

    MN - The souvenir you'd most likey get on vacation

    Shot-glass/Spoon: Cyrus, Jules or Silas
    Art: Calder, Inigo or Kiefer
    Clothing item: Melvin, Sheldon or Wilfred
    Rock/Shell/Something from nature: Dante, Noble or Thackeray
    Other (What is it?): Egypt, Orin or Talon

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