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    Less than four weeks to go - help! Quest for our perfect name!

    Hi berries. This is only my second post as I thought finding the perfect name would be easy (foolish girl!!!). So our list of names is shorter, but I am not certain we have found the one. I want a name that don't make people ask how to pronounce it or ask 'where did you get that?/i have never heard that be (they are really thinking - god that is awful)! Also I don't want top 10 if possible however my husband doesn't care as long as we love it. We now have 2 weeks to go. Please let me know your fave for each gender and one new name you would suggest. The baby's last name is short one syllable starting with 'C' pronounced like a 'K'. Middle name for girl will be Kate - special family name and John for a boy - husband's granddad who he was close to. We live in Canada, husband is British and I spent 11 years in UK and extended family all British so quite like traditional British names.

    Imogen - top 2
    Octavia - top 2
    Esme - no longer a fave
    Celia - no longer a fave
    Frances or Francesca nn Frankie - Frances has special meaning, but don't love the name, love Fankie though

    Gabriel - husband fave
    George - no can do with new prince
    Nathaniel - love Nate as nn, but worried Nathaniel s too popular
    Balin - new entry to te list
    Emmett - new entry to the list
    Benson - new entry and now strong contender as a middle name!
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    For a girl I think the only ones that flow with Kate are Imogen, Octavia and Isadora. If I had to pick it would be Isadora since I loathe Imogen, Octavia is nice too though less cute/friendly/approachable than Isadora.

    For a boy Gabriel John feels a little too biblical for my taste but it seems to work the best out of your list imo
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    Octavia > Imogen. Go with Gabriel.
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    I agree with the above posts go with Gabriel John for a boy.

    For the girls I like

    Celia Kate (this is my favorite)
    Imogen Kate
    Octavia Kate
    Isadora Kate
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    I absolutely love the name Finn (it's my sons name) but perhaps one syllable names for first middle and surname might sound a bit choppy?
    the other boys name I love from your list is Sawyer. Sawyer John C.... is fab. to me it has a really different feel to Gabriel John and makes me picture a different kind of boy.

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