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    Middle names for Danielle (nickname Dani)

    Having a hard time coming up for middle names for Danielle. It's hard finding something that flows with that and Dani, which we will be calling her. We mainly want to find one that flows with Dani, but goes well with Danielle too. I've always loved the name Dani for a girl and Danielle is a classic name, which I love also. Ideas we have so far:

    Dani Jo
    Dani Rae
    Dani Pearl
    Dani Jolene
    Dani Lynae

    Other suggestions? Feel free to suggest other first names too. We're really liking classic older (& southern) names, but nothing like Tallulah, Eleanor, Amelia. Something classic but kinda spunky like Stella, Harper, Josie, etc. thanks!

    Lacey (Alabama)

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    I like Danielle Blythe. Or Danielle Fern. Danielle Ruby is kind of spunky and cute too - Ruby has a sort half old-fashioned, half a tiny bit naughty, saloon girl feel to me. As does Roxy, though that's more nickname-ish. And Danielle Mae is adorable.

    I do like Rae and Rue, but maybe favour Mae to Rae, though Mae is a bit 'sweet' rather than 'spunky.'

    Daniella seems a little softer to me than Danielle. I don't know if that's too many syllables though?

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    Danielle is a great name. But as a Danielle myself, I would like to tell you my experience being a Danielle.

    Growing up, my mom never gave me a nickname and refused to call me by my middle name (or even a short form of my middle name), Elizabeth. I got minimal teasing for my name. Being that it was the feminization of Daniel. For some time I hated it and wanted a prettier sounding name. And even worse was having a beautiful, feminine middle name that I loved and one that my mom didn't want to call me by. Over the years, I tried to warm up to Dani but I cringed whenever I heard it. I only allow it when my friends call me by that name. And I personally despise how people write it down. Dani, Danie, Danni, Dannie. I see no need to try and feminize it. Danny is preferable (imo). But I am known to all as Dan these days, thanks to my best friend since middle school who, upon meeting, instantly started calling me Dan.

    My name, Danielle Elizabeth is a good example of what you're aiming for. You could shorten it to Dani Beth. Sorry I'm not much help there but I hope I gave some insight.
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