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    Middle names for Danielle (nickname Dani)

    Having a hard time coming up for middle names for Danielle. It's hard finding something that flows with that and Dani, which we will be calling her. We mainly want to find one that flows with Dani, but goes well with Danielle too. I've always loved the name Dani for a girl and Danielle is a classic name, which I love also. Ideas we have so far:

    Dani Jo
    Dani Rae
    Dani Pearl
    Dani Jolene
    Dani Lynae

    Other suggestions? Feel free to suggest other first names too. We're really liking classic older (& southern) names, but nothing like Tallulah, Eleanor, Amelia. Something classic but kinda spunky like Stella, Harper, Josie, etc. thanks!

    Lacey (Alabama)

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