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    I say do it. You're a name nerd, and you'll only have so many kids, so you may as well use more of the names you love. My only concern is that your son might feel left out, but you know him best-- could you see him feeling resentment in the future if his siblings have extra middles and he doesn't?
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    Thanks all! Some good feedback. No, I don't see my easy-going son minding but rather knowing boys, would probably be relieved not having the extra "accessory" in his name. I know it's common in the UK as some if not most of their forms have space for an additional name. With US forms, all one would have to do is add the 2nd name next to the first middle in the middle space. Seems easy enough.

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    My family has a tradition of giving the first born two middles, the second born three, and so on. Something like this?
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    Go for it. I plan on having two middles for my children, if SO agrees. He says it's over the top, but once he hears how gorgeous the names sound together, I'm sure he'll see my side of things! haha
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    There's certainly no consensus. It's not my preference (I think names with 2 middles are often cumbersome and don't have good flow), but part of the beauty of naming is the variety that us brought by different tastes. If you like two middles, go for it.

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