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    Due in 2wks! Best of 3 please :)

    Hi There!

    So hubby and I are seriously stuck and undecided on a name for our baby girl due in 2weeks. We have come up with the below and need your thoughts and opinions on which would suit best with a 2 syllable last name starting with S.


    popularity doesn't bother me too much as neither of the names are in the top 10 (I just want to avoid top 10).
    Also I love the name Grace as MN but can't use it for family reasons. Is there another name that sounds similar to Grace that has an equally beautiful meaning?

    Thanks for all your help! x

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    What about another virtue middle? I like Mercy, Verity, Patience, Constance, Joy, Honor, Felicity, Valor, and Blythe.
    Of those, Joy and Blythe seem to suit your criteria best--short and meaningful.

    Stella Blythe
    Stella Valor (I like the repeating L)
    Stella Constance
    Stella Mercy

    Willow Joy
    Willow Honor
    Willow Felicity

    Ivy Constance
    Ivy Patience
    Ivy Blythe

    I do like Stella and Ivy best. Other combinations that strike my fancy today:
    Stella Clare
    Stella Anne

    Ivy Matilda
    Ivy Gloria

    Actually...Glory might count as a virtue middle, in a way. Stella Glory is cute.

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    I love Ivy.

    Ivy Ruth
    Ivy Hope. I love this.
    Jude, blackbird.

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