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    I like Bay very much I find it both earthy and elegant.
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    I have a little girl called Bay!

    It was the least conventional name on our list and we were a little hesitant to use it- but I'm so glad we did!

    I think it took some people a little while to get used to the idea of Bay as a name.. But we get so many compliments on it.. People are curious and regularly ask about the story behind her name.. after they've had some time to think about it people will often go out of their way to tell us how much they like it.
    To us it is short but sweet name, calm but strong, interesting but not crazy. I have never regretted using this name and love it more and more as time goes by..

    And perhaps just as important our daughter seems to really like her name.. It is really easy for other kids to say and at daycare or at birthday parties she alway walks into a room to kids calling out her name and the same when we leave again.. It's also easy to spell she's only 2.5 but already recognises her own name written down

    I think sometimes people assume its short for Bailey but I'm not a fan of that name on girls, so I just say "Nah it's just Bay- short and sweet!"

    Obviously I'm biased but I think it's a fantastic name and I say be brave and go for it!!
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    Love it! Love the connection to Laurel!
    Definitely usable and I think of it as more girly.

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    I love it, but prefer longer names for usage for myself. I thought about it on my very long list. I have a friend with a daughter Baya- which I also think is a beautiful sound.
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    I really like it. I agree that it's strong but femme at the same time. I also like the nature side of it since I like names like Sage. Also, it might be good in the middle to strengthen a more girly name. There is something to be said for easy to say and spell. From one to ten I give it a strong eight.

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